Naked Breasts Dream Meaning

The dreambooks promise great material wealth, honor and respect to those who happened to see naked breasts in a dream.

A man who sees his chest naked, according to Miller’s dreambook, means that the dreamer is at the peak of his physical abilities. You are subject to any, even the most difficult tasks.

If a woman sees her breasts dirty or shrunken, this is a sign of having a young bold rival who is intended to steal your family happiness. Being endowed with full, perfect size breasts in a dream speaks of success and incredible luck of the dreamer.

If you dreamed that you were catching lustful male looks on your naked breasts, this means you will give way to the admirer’s persistent pursuits.

According to Freud, if a man was with naked torso in a dream, this means he has strong but unclear sexual desires in real life. A dream about flaccid women’s breasts predicts losing man’s power and potency.

If a woman sees herself with naked torso, this symbol reflects her aspiration to clear and mutual love. Seeing your breasts old and faded is a promise of failure of your plans and hopes.

If a young man dreamed of a resilient naked female bust, this image foreshadows success and great opportunities in the business field. If in a dream this part of the body belongs to his girlfriend, then, as the Modern dreambook states, there will be harmony and peace in the relationship with his beloved.

The Eastern dreambook warns of the likelihood of mastitis, explaining what a dream of the girl seeing herself with swollen breasts. To see your bust dirty or disproportionate means unpleasant surprises, disappointments in love.

Beautiful woman’s bust that belonged to unknown lady is a sign of frivolous attitude of the man to his partner.

If a woman sees naked man’s chest in her dream, this symbol points out the need to change sexual partner.

    The Dreambook of the 21st century gives interpretations of the following images of naked bust in a dream:
  • Wounded bust – is a sign of danger;
  • Full beautiful breasts – success, wishes coming true;
  • Sunken and sagging breasts – nervous tension, depression;
  • Bust stained with something – warns of coming disappointments;
  • Hairy chest – profit, getting pleasant news from relatives.
Sergii Haranenko
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