Naked Torso Dream Meaning

What does a nude torso symbolize in a dream? Any modern dream book looks at a naked torso in a dream in two ways and a little bit pessimistic. On the one hand, interpreters point to a disease that has not yet manifested itself. On the other hand, they complain about the dreamer's insecurity from the hardships of life. But the ancient predictors, explaining why a beautiful figure appears in a dream, insist on positive meanings.

    Most often, nudity is considered an unfavorable sign. It reflects fear, uncertainty about the future. However, trying to interpret what a naked torso means in a dream, pay attention to all the details of the dream:
  • your own naked chest - shame in front of loved ones, illness;
  • stranger’s nude torso - the beginning of troubles at the place of work;
  • female upper body - treason;
  • male torso - bearing a plan of revenge.

It is not so often that someone happens to see a naked torso in a dream. It would seem that a beautiful female body can only bring pleasant moments. But in fact, it turns out that you will be drawn into unpleasant gossip and slander.

In addition, there is a risk of becoming a victim of insidious betrayal by a loved one. A forbidden connection can get into your relationship from all sides. And keeping a soul mate next to you will not be so easy.

Tsvetkov's dream book recommends finding a wise way out of the situation, not resorting to extremes.

To see a magnificently built man, to hug him – predicts the desire to take revenge on enemies or former partners.

Most likely, you recently experienced disappointment in love and seek to punish someone. Keep in mind that your plans will be revealed quickly. The abuser himself will pay a courtesy visit and ask for forgiveness.

Sometimes a torso with no clothes on in a dream indicates the onset of a serious illness. The dream prompts not only with images, but also with sensations.

Dream Interpretation of Vanga, describing what the torso of a naked person means in dreams, recommends listening to your own well-being.

Remember, were you cold or uncomfortable in a dream? If the answer is yes, hurry up to visit your doctor and undergo a full examination. Advise your relatives to do the same if you have seen them naked.

Seeing your own naked torso in a dream, becoming a universal laughing stock – predicts shame in reality. Mysteries that you would like to never remember will be revealed.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus calls for self-control. Try to do only those actions for which you will never be ashamed.

If the action took place with a large crowd of people, expect general censure or losing in court.

Miller's dream book reveals from a new side why the naked torso of a stranger is seen in a dream. The psychologist claims that conflicts can begin in the work team if you watched from afar the naked upper body of a stranger.

However, you should not be upset - the troubles will quickly be forgotten, and the next endeavors will be more successful. Especially if you dreamed that a naked person was dressing in a dream.

Sergii Haranenko
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