Bra Dream Meaning

A bra seen in a dream symbolizes coquetry, cunning, but also this is a premonition of love relationships, and sometimes a kind of warning. The dreambooks predict that you should not trust people you don’t know well; your ill-wishers can use the information to harm you.

Seeing a nicely decorated bra is a sign that you have a very good taste and your friends can sometimes consult with you on fashionable issues.

Miller’s dreambook interprets the plot about a bra this way: if you dreamed of wearing it- to be gently beloved; to take it off - foreshadows passionate flirting for a girl and a betrayal for a married woman.

The color of the bra also matter for correct interpretation of the dream. Light colors predict luck and prosperity. A black bra is a sign of mysterious danger, maybe deceit. You should be careful and not too much trustful.

Buying a bra predicts a new interesting acquaintance or a new rich admirer. Finding or getting a luxury bra as a present is a symbol of great luck: you can be expecting new useful acquaintance, big winning or career growth.

If you dreamed of losing or forgetting to put on a bra means that there may be difficulties in communicating with friends, co-workers, even quarrels are possible.

An old worn out bra seen in a dream means that you trust your first impression of people and events too much. A bit of healthy skepticism will come in handy.

Trying on an expensive and beautiful bra and watching your mirror reflection predicts new acquaintance or sudden change of events. You will be greatly evaluated and this will bring you some additional confidence.

Washing your bra in a dream is a sign that you can always rely on your friends in difficult situations.

Taking off a soiled or torn bra means you will soon get rid of some worries and even significant trouble. Wearing it in a dream means that your recent mistakes will have negative consequences.

If a young girl sees this underwear in her dream, she is warned about some deceit. If it was a young man who saw such plot, this means that an authoritative woman will be interested in him.

If a young girl saw a dream that she was buying a new bra, this means that she is tired of her old admirers, she wants to have new impressions. If a woman sees herself in a bra and panties, like with someone else’s eyes, this means she feels lonely and vulnerable. Her ill-wishers can harm her.

If a man sees a dream about bra, he will get acquainted with a flirtatious woman. If he was buying this underwear, this is a sign that he wants to find a new sex partner.

If you were trying on or choosing a bra, you will soon visit your friend’s wedding. You can get acquainted with a person who will be important for you at this wedding.

If a man saw a woman take off or put on a bra in a dream, this is a favorable sign that his lady can bring him gentle and passionate love.

A dream about a bra of unusual color, form means that a dreamer is a bold experimenter in sexual life. This gives it extra appeal.

Sergii Haranenko
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