Naked Wife Dream Meaning

As the dream book explains, a naked wife portends various troubles, the commission of a mistake or an unseemly act. But sometimes this image in a dream promises the strengthening of love, good luck in business, a lucrative deal.

The plot promises the dreamer troubles that arise through his own fault. When solving an important matter, he will make a mistake and ruin the result.

Also, a wife without clothes in a dream warns her husband about an oversight. He will not control the important details regarding the resolution of the issue he wants to resolve. Because of this, difficulties will begin.

What is the other meaning of a dream of a naked wife? According to the dream book, this image is seen in the night dreams before committing some unseemly act.

    The plot details can help you interpret the plot. In your dream your wife was:
  • Walking around the house – there will be family quarrels;
  • Was sleeping next to you – pleasant thoughts and dreams;
  • Was making love to you – strengthening of love in the family;
  • Was with her lover – misunderstandings, serious conflicts.

Seeing your nude wife in a dream means: you will act ugly, and this will affect your reputation. Also, this act will cause deterioration in relations with the spouse and loved ones.

Why does one dream that his wife suddenly undressed completely in front of everyone? The dream interpretation explains: think your actions through well, do not take rash steps. Then you can notice the danger in time and understand how you can avoid it.

Did you have a dream of your naked wife? In reality, the dreamer will get involved in rather unpleasant events. He must try to get with dignity out of them.

If she was not only naked, but drunk as well, this plot means you will learn the secret of another person. This will not bring satisfaction, on the contrary - the inconvenience and shame that you accidentally learned other people's very personal things.

Did you scold her? The dream book warns: gossip will go about you, which will greatly affect your life. Do not pay attention; continue doing your business. The spiteful critics will have new topics for gossip soon and they will forget about you.

If you kissed your wife, beware of intrigue at work or in business. Be prepared to fight back attacks and think of your next moves to beat your opponents

A naked wife in a dream is a warning to exercise caution. The dream interpretation suggests: someone will try to push the dreamer to do something that contradicts his moral principles. No matter how seductive the offer may look, do not give in.

What is the meaning of a dream of a naked wife who is engaged in everyday chores: cleans, washes, cooks food? There has been misunderstanding between you for a long time; and that must be overcome. Try to restore your relationships to avoid cooling and, as a result, divorce.

Did you see that you beat your spouse because she undressed in public? Dream Interpretation reports: a scandal over her frivolous behavior may arise soon.

Also, the dream of a spouse who walks in front of strangers in such an inappropriate form predicts financial loss to the sleeping man. Doubtful business ventures and suspicious schemes should be avoided.

Did you dream about having sex with her in an inappropriate place? According to the dream book, there will be delays in matters that cannot be quickly dealt with.

There are also positive interpretations to the naked spouse dreams. Did you have a dream of admiring her beautiful body? You will find joy in the family circle and good luck in the business sphere.

According to the dream book, to see your wife naked in bed when she is waiting for you is a good sign. Vision promises great happiness in the very near future: your relationship will reach a new level.

If the naked spouse seemed very beautiful to you in a dream, this means that in reality, with an effort, you can successfully deal with unpleasant events. Suppose that at first glance it seems that you cannot do it - you will overcome everything.

Why do you dream of a naked spouse, who was very attractive, not the same as usual? Vision promises: you will make a profit from some important, but risk-related transaction. However, be on the safe side to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

If you had a dream about how she seduced you, the dream book tells you: you will soon get a tempting offer, which you should not refuse.

Sergii Haranenko
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