Poor Eyesight Dream Meaning

What does a dream about having bad eyesight mean? Dreaming about poor eyesight predicts communication with an unpleasant person. Besides that, such a dream warns of the visit of unwanted guests and predicts worsening of relations in the family.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about poor eyesight?

  • Poor vision in a child in a dream speaks of illness.
  • A young man has poor eyesight - financial problems.
  • Bad eyesight in the elderly - the loss of property.
  • Seeing badly in the distance - trouble in all areas of life.
  • Seeing badly close - sign of apathy.

What are the Top-5 good poor eyesight dream meanings?

  • Reduced vision in the right eye in a dream means achieving goals.
  • Seeing badly with the left eye - a fun party.
  • Poor vision in the dark - an interesting conversation.
  • Seeing badly in daylight - receiving a profitable offer.
  • Seeing in a dream how you treat poor eyesight means getting rid of complexes.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream predicts betrayal by a partner.

    Additional interpretations by Miller:
  • having poor vision in a dream symbolizes vain expectations;
  • a stranger has poor eyesight - minor troubles;
  • poor eyesight in a loved one - a sad event.

According to Freud, such a dream of low vision promises problems in the intimate sphere.

    Other meanings by Freud:
  • a slight loss of vision means regretting a missed opportunity;
  • strong vision loss - means the deterioration of relations with colleagues;
  • dream of blindness - means poverty.

According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream warns of the betrayal of a loved one.

    Additional meanings by Vanga:
  • poor eyesight due to injury means losses;
  • low vision due to illness - vain attempts to correct the mistake;
  • seeing badly at a young age - changes in personal life;
  • seeing badly in old age - attention from loved ones.
Sergii Haranenko
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