Contact Lenses Dream Meaning

If you saw contact lenses in a dream, it means that you are incredibly curious and often try to get into others’ souls.

The dreambook recommends looking for interpretation of such dream to those who have excellent vision in real life and do not need glasses or other devices. If these items are common to you, then it makes little sense to decipher them.

Contact lenses in a dream mean that bias or short-sightedness prevents your adequate assessment of events. Lenses for eyes symbolize the desire or the need to grasp the essence of something. This image also means you need to listen to your intuition in order to gain your purpose.

If you had to use contact lenses in a dream, this image means that a reasonable approach will help avoid confusion in business. For women this image promises the unexpected appearance of a rival.

If you didn’t have a clear picture even with contact lenses, this plot means you will not be able to have a rest the coming weekend.

Color contact lenses in a dream symbolize your wish to hide something or change. You should also be ready for changes in relations.

    The dreambooks consider the color of lenses in the plot:
  • Black – suspicions or parties;
  • Brown – deceit and treachery;
  • Gray – too much trustworthy;
  • Dark-blue – great love feeling;
  • Green – having loyal friends;
  • Yellow – postponing, envy and betrayal.

Blue contact lenses can be a symbol of surprise orgift. Besides that, blue lenses personify spiritual energy, noble deeds, intellect. However, the dream book warns that your excessive gentleness and innocence will cause failure.

If the two lenses were of different colors, this is a clear sign of contradictions and conflicts of opinion.

If you had only one contact lens in a dream, this means that the new work will turn to be useless.

If you were putting on the lenses, this is a warning that you need to monitor your behavior and control emotions. If you dropped them on the floor in a dream and could not find them, this means you cannot achieve what you want because of a trivial misunderstanding.

Losing contact lenses means that your own short-sightedness and indecision will be the reason for failures and bad luck.

Sergii Haranenko
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