Your Own Eyes Dream Meaning

If you dreamed about your own eyes, then it is likely that something is bothering you. But a dream is a phenomenon which meaning and symbolism cannot be guessed at random. If you want to get a hint about what to do, you need to analyze everything you saw in a dream and, having looked at various dream books, find out what such a story means in a dream.

Miller's dream book pays considerable attention to the “mirror of the soul,” and, telling what is the meaning of own eyes seen in a dream, he gave such explanations. If you see in a dream that your eyes are sore, this means alarming incidents and tense situations.

Unhappiness and failure promises a dream in which you have found only one eye on your face. But, if you like your eyes in a dream, such plot means that you will be able to fulfill your plan.

    Did you have a dream about your own eyes? Pay attention to what color they had in your dream. So:
  • brown eyes - there is a risk that you will be deceived;
  • blue eyes - a great feeling awaits you;
  • green eyes - means loyalty of friends;
  • gray eyes - symbolize your cunning;
  • white eyes, without iris and pupil - to spiritual blindness;
  • completely black, without white - you have a very insidious and domineering opponent.

Why do you dream that you are looking at your eyes in the mirror? This suggests that you are trying to solve a question that has been tormenting you for a long time, the Wanderer's dream book states.

Did you see that all parts of the face are reflected in the mirror except the eyes? Someone is secretly plotting the dirty tricks that he subsequently uses against you. And if in the mirror you saw that your eyes are unrealistically large and shiny, then great success awaits you, the Eastern Dream Book gives hope.

If you dreamed about your eyes, but of a different color, this is a sign that a change is waiting for you very soon. So, for example, you see that your eyes have turned blue – this image predicts a love story. And if not only irises, but also the whites of the eyes become blue, passion will overwhelm you.

Why do you dream that your own eyes have turned blue? Simple-mindedness and naivety – these are the qualities that you will possess in the near future. Especially if the beautiful blue eyes in a dream are actually black or brown.

Green beautiful little eyes were seen on your own face in a dream? You will meet with a person who will become a close friend. And if you really like the new green eyes, then perhaps you will meet the future spouse.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you see your eyes swollen or bruised, bodes unexpected profits. You will have a source of income that you didn’t even count on, pleases the dream book of Pastor Loff.

If you dreamed fallen out eyeballs - you should be prepared for loss and grief. But, slanting eyes ( strabismus) warn that a fleeting, at first glance, romance will develop into a serious relationship.

Sore or aching eyes in a dream mean reluctance to put up with reality, suggests Miss Hasse's dream book. To treat sick little eyes in a dream is a sign that you are trying to get to the bottom of the hidden truth. But to put makeup on sick eyes is a symbol of meeting a person whose interests differ from yours.

Why do you dream that you have three eyes? The opinions of the dream books were divided. So, the Slavic interpreter prophesies the birth of a child to the dreamer who found three eyes on her face.

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And here, Vanga’s dream book considers three eyes as the discovery of something unknown or secret. The interpreter of Nostradamus promises surprises to those who dreamed of a third eye on their forehead.

Itchy eyes omens and beliefs.

Sergii Haranenko
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