Promotion Dream Meaning

Why do you dream of job promotion? Dream Interpretations offer ambiguous interpretations of the dreamed sign. Often it has a negative meaning: quarrels, insults, losses, suspension of career growth. But sometimes a similar plot in a dream promises the fulfillment of a responsible assignment that can affect your career advancement.

What is the meaning of a dream of promotion? Dream Interpretations often claim: such a sign promises disappointment or resentment to a person.

A dream vision often portends insults. An unpleasant situation may arise when the attitude of someone from those around is insulting, because of which a quarrel erupts.

Promotion in a dream portends the following: in reality some situation will negatively affect your self-esteem soon.

To see that you got an excellent job in a dream means you will find yourself drawn into a squabble between close people. It will be necessary to exert maximum patience and loyalty in order to overcome this situation with honor.

If you had a dream about being promised a higher, more responsible position, the dream interpretation reports: soon you will learn not very good news, and insoluble questions will also appear. Moreover, to solve problems you will have to rely on yourself only.

When you didn’t gain your career growth in a dream, this means you will have to find out important, but rather unpleasant information. You need to think carefully about your actions based on the information received.

Promotion seen in a dream, if there are no prerequisites for this, has the exact opposite meaning: no career advancement is expected.

Such a plot in a dream sometimes portends receiving a responsible task with increased demands on the quality of its performance. From how the dreamer copes with him, his career will depend subsequently.

A dream of promotion can promise a period of very intense work on behalf of the management. The dream interpretation emphasizes: it is necessary to carry out everything very carefully, to show oneself as a responsible employee.

What is the meaning of dream of rapid career growth? This means: in reality, successful career advancement is also possible. Now it’s important to prove yourself in the best possible way and patiently wait for this moment, since it will not come so quickly.

The dream interpretation indicates: after what is seen in a dream, new life prospects may open. It depends only on the person himself how he can use them.

    For the interpretation of a dream, various details are important:
  • a military man sees his own promotion – there will soon be guardhouse;
  • career advancement – the dreamer cherishes the baseless ambitious plans and dreams;
  • too much promotion – there will be financial losses ahead;
  • demotion – the bosses will appreciate the work, as well as the abilities of the sleeper;
  • someone else’s career growth in a dream – means envy of others' successes.

Also to see that someone from your acquaintances received a higher post means: you often miss the opportunity to achieve something.

Why do you dream of promotion, according to Miller’s dreambook? The dreamer will be able to achieve a high position if he strives for new achievements and knowledge.

Sergii Haranenko
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