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Constipation Dream Meaning

According to Psychoanalytic dreambook, constipation in a dream is a sign of unwillingness to lose some income or money; it is a symbol of greed. The same dreambooks states that getting rid of excrements means getting free from worries, responsibilities and limits.

Some interpreters consider that being constipated in a dream is a sign of rectum problems in reality as well.

Denise Lynn thinks that constipation may symbolize your clinging to situations, things or people you already do not need. This may also be a sign that you need to change your diet.

Feeling the inability to use your toilet may also be a sign of losing money.

A dream in which you suffer from constipation (if you have digestion problems in reality) predicts unsuccessful endeavors, vain efforts to succeed. If you do not have any problems with digestive system in reality, such plot indicates your suspiciousness and taking too much care about your health, the Dreambook from A to Z thinks.

Simon Kananite’s dreambook considers constipation the symbol of obstacles on your way and problems.

If they put you an enema in a dream means you will have to feel the constant need for money. To do it to another person symbolizes trouble.

Sergii Haranenko

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