Vegetarian Dream Meaning

What does a vegetarian symbolize in a dream? According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, it can be a symbol of your mental loneliness.

If you dreamed that you started a vegetarian diet, although in real life it never even crossed your mind: the dream says that in real life you tend to make grandiose plans for the future, while you have to be content with the little that life gives you today.

In relation to one of your loved ones, you behave rudely, your behavior can become dangerous; you will undermine the trust in people in this person. Be more attentive even to those to whom you do not have warm feelings.

It may happen that in real life you will feel guilty and it will hurt you.

If you dream that you are teaching one of your loved ones to vegetarianism: a dream warns that all your attempts to change a loved one for the better are futile. Take it as it is: it has long been known that the desire to remake humanity as a whole and man in particular has never led to anything good, creating conflicts.

Getting into the group of vegetarians in a dream, without having the slightest relation to them: is a sign that soon you can leave your home, as you decide to live on your own.

How you do this can be determined by the nature of the relationship in the dream.

If your new acquaintances accept you and treat you well and kindly, it means that you will not break ties with your family and will be close as before.

But if you see that the society of "herbivores" is hostile towards you, you will have to live alone for a long time, not understood by your relatives and friends.

According to the Newest dreambook, if you eat vegan food, this dream is a warning: you need to include such food in your diet.

Cooking vegetarian food in a dream – is a sign of an uninteresting conversation.

Sergii Haranenko
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