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Poison Dream Meaning

What it means if you were poisoned in a dream? Did you dream of using poison against someone? Should you be worried after such dream plots?

Seeing someone squeeze poison from a snake is a dream that shouldn’t scare you - it means you will be able to benefit from intrigues against you. If you see a dream where you were poisoned with snake poison, beware of other people’s advice, they will have negative influence.

If a young woman dreamt about giving her rival poisoned wine it will hard for her to hold her beloved in real life.

If you or the members of your family were harmed by rat poison it means you will have hard times and will have to overcome some obstacles. If you were taking poison in little portions according to doctor’s prescription it means you will win in a very risky venture. Seeing your acquaintance die from poison is a sign you will suffer from his “poisonous” gossip against you.

If someone poured poison into your food, such a dream promises trouble caused by someone's envy. If you yourself want to poison someone by putting poison into a person's food, then this indicates your cunning and willingness to do everything in order to achieve your own goals.

If the girl had the idea to get even with her friend in a dream and pour her poison, this dream means that in reality she has every reason to suspect her of deceit.

To dream about how your enemies die after drinking poison means that you will be able to put everyone at their place and take a leading position in the right field.

Surviving after taking poison in a dream predicts the successful completion of a seemingly disastrous business. Taking medicines that contain poison in their composition predicts the onset of a light streak in life.

If you were sucking out poison from your friend’s wound saving his life promises you will be able to overcome a very difficult situation. If you poisoned your best friend in a dream is a sign of bad luck. Giving poison to your enemy means disappointment in people.

Sergii Haranenko

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