Red Snake Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see a red snake in dream? The red snake meaning in dreams indicates problems in relations with people; it predicts serious quarrel within the family because of the old resentments. According to some dream books, the red snake can also foreshadow attempts of detractors to confuse your plans or hurt your reputation.

According to Miller’s dreambook, a red snake in a dream means the appearance of various troubles in life that will not pass unnoticed by the dreamer, causing a lot of negative emotions. If the red snake entangled around the dreamer's neck, this means he will have to defend his position and personal interests in waking life.

If you happen to dream about red snake in the water, this plot predicts good news from a distant relative; a red snake in the house - predicts victory over ill-wishers.

If you caught a small snake with red stripes, such image has more or less positive interpretation and means revealing a plot against you. Someone who is weaker both in spirit and intellectually than you will come out against you, so you can easily predict his plans.

Longo advices to remember the consequences of a red snake’s attack. If the reptile has bitten you in a dream, then try to prepare for possible failures by considering ways to circumvent this situation.

The Gypsy’s dreambook equally negatively interprets dreams in which a black and red and just red snake bites a sleeping girl, considering it a symbol of betrayal or cheating of her lover with a close friend of the dreamer.

The English dreambook warns the lady-dreamer about the upcoming trap if she was bitten by black and red snake. You should limit all contacts with unfamiliar people or those whom you do not trust too much.

Many interpreters claim that red and silver snake is a symbol of wisdom and deep knowledge. If you dreamed that you have a red-silver snake on your shoulder, according to the Nostradamus dreambook, you should listen to what people say to you. There is a chance that you will receive valuable advice that will help you achieve success.

Miss Hasse’s dreambook states that a red snake with silver head means that the dreamer will have a vision that will help her reveal the truth and help take the right decision.

    Trying to interpret dreams about red snakes you should also consider which reptile you saw:
  • a red cobra in a dream - promises difficulties in communication with high-ranking people;
  • red python - denotes the habit of a dreamer to “delay” with the decision;
  • an adder - is a sign of mild criticism from close friends;
  • red viper - you will encounter a dangerous foe, whom it is better to bypass;
  • large red snake - sign of financial difficulties;
  • small red snake - means meeting an influential person;
  • short red snake - means failures in the personal sphere;
  • dream of a huge red snake - spreading gossip about the dreamer in the work team;
  • thick red snake in a dream - is a sign of food poisoning;
  • red-black snake - means the onset of a dysfunctional period in the dreamer's life;
  • red snake with black stripes - symbolizes minor changes;
  • spotted red snake - promises well-deserved respect;
  • bright snake in a dream - promises new impressions.

Different signs and omens about snakes. Snake amulets and popular superstitions.

    What were the actions with red snake in dream?
  • killing a red snake - promises a frank conversation with a loved one;
  • dream of red snake biting - means you will attend an unusual event;
  • red snake attacking - means a conflict with a business partner due to mutual distrust;
  • dream about red snake crawling - predicts an unplanned trip to another region on work issues;
  • if the snake has bitten you - this means problems with colleagues due to poor performance of their duties.
    Here are the Top-5 negative meanings of red snake in dreams:
  • Watching in a dream how a red snake attacks your relative - predicts performing hard physical work and material difficulties.
  • A red snake that crawls and hisses loudly - means deterioration in relations with a partner or colleagues due spreading of false information by someone.
  • If the snake wriggles strongly - be ready for a betrayal by a friend.
  • To find a snake in a child's bed in a dream - warns about deterioration in the health of the baby or problems associated with his upbringing.
  • Red snakes on the head - symbolize the period of loneliness.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about red snakes?
  • Seeing someone feeding a red snake from his hands in a dream - promises an increase in wages and rapid career growth.
  • A red snake crawling up the stairs - means a series of events that can change the life of a sleeping person for the better radically.
  • Catching a giant red boa constrictor - means getting rid of fears.
  • A red adder swimming snake - sing of a country trip.
  • If you dreamed that a scarlet snake bit a dog, this means an opportunity to avoid danger.
    What is the meaning of red snake in dreams according to Freud?
  • if a red snake has bitten you in the hand, this plot predicts a conflict with a sexual partner;
  • red snake bite in the leg - means trouble at work;
  • if the snake bites you in the neck - be ready for the betrayal of a close friend;
  • red snake biting you in the stomach - this means exacerbation of a chronic disease due to malnutrition;
  • snake biting someone's finger in a dream - means an offer of intimate nature from a stranger.
Sergii Haranenko
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