Roller Coaster Dream Meaning

A sharp turn, new victories, career growth and stormy love affairs modern dream books promise to everyone who dreamed of riding a roller coaster. People rarely happen to see breathtaking attraction in a dream, to get a dose of adrenaline. But you always want to know why you are dreaming of a hard takeoff and the same sudden fall.

    A well-known Western psychologist Miller has found his own explanation for what the roller coaster means in a dream. If a person is constantly tense, constantly thinking about promoting projects, introducing new developments, then in a dream he will ride experiencing the following feelings:
  • fear - justified risks;
  • joy - success and honor;
  • excitement - love intrigues;
  • inspiration - bold business projects;
  • anxiety - drastic changes in family life.

If you dreamed of riding a high-speed roller coaster, be prepared to plunge into a suddenly flared up relationship. Passion, tears, dates, long proceedings, divorces and a new marriage bond are exactly what the rollercoaster entertainment symbolizes in dreams.

Seeing in a dream how someone is flying up while you are sharply descending - predicts rivalry for a loved one. The interpretation of a dream in Freud's dream book even predicts a quick change in intimate relationships and a number of high-profile scandals within the family.

Riding a roller coaster in a dream and not feeling anything means frequent changes of work or sexual partners. Dream Interpretations claim that the dreamer is in no hurry to take on obligations in real life, tries not to be responsible for anything, looks for adventure.

Sometimes psychologists explain the sharp banks in a dream by the restless character of the dreamer. People who always want to be at their best, to have time to do several things at the same time, may not give themselves rest at night, during the sleep. They may dream about descent without fail-safe, or in a bizarre position.

If you dreamed that sharp emotions swept you over - be ready for public recognition. Such a dream means that a tempting financial offer will appear ahead, which is important not to miss.

It is not difficult to understand why steep swings of the roller coaster are seen in a dream – your extravagant behavior can lead to the fact that your partners will refuse deals, fearing of losing their deposits, and a loved one will go to someone who offers comfort and consistency. Dream Interpretations call to grow up and think about the stability of earnings and the stability of relationships.

Seeing a roller coaster in a dream, rolling, experiencing thrills – predicts the same rapid development of events in reality. Frequent career ups are replaced by sharp reprimands and downs. Dream Interpretations warn of caution – you should choose easier and safer paths.

Sergii Haranenko
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