Ferris Wheel Dream Meaning

The Ferris wheel seen in a dream can be a symbol of the life cycle or cyclicality of what is happening in life. A more accurate definition of what this attraction means in dreams can be given by dream books. You only need to recall your feelings and remember the details of the plot.

Ride on the Ferris wheel in a dream – means that ups and downs await you.

In a dream, when a Ferris wheel goes up – this is a symbol of fortunate circumstances. You will be unexpectedly lucky in something, Miller predicts.

To go down, making a circle on the Ferris Wheel – means you should be prepared for failure. You should not plan anything in the near future.

Riding all day on a big wheel in a dream – means your life has become like a "Groundhog Day." You should break this vicious circle and make some changes in your life.

If you dreamed that the attraction spins very quickly and you have to hold on in order not to fall in a dream – the good and bad events will follow one after another, but this period will not last long.

If you dreamed that you were repairing a Ferris wheel in a dream - you will have a hard and exhausting job, which, however, will bring you good income, Vanga's dream book promises.

To see in a dream that you paint and decorate an attraction before the opening of the park season, means you will find an interesting work that will make you use all your wit.

If you have a dream that you are constructing new big wheel in an amusement park - you will be entrusted with a responsible task, the implementation of which will affect further career growth, the Moon Dreambook predicts.

Dismantling the Ferris wheel for scrap metal – predicts exhausting work with meager pay.

If you dream that you have witnessed how the Ferris wheel falls – this plot means you need to be careful with your secrets. If competitors or enemies find out about them, they will use them against you.

If you dreamed that you were riding a carousel at the moment when it started to fall – the danger is near: if you managed to jump out in a dream - everything would be completed successfully, if you didn’t have time to escape – you need to take care of your reputation.

To dream about how the swing began to fall one after another in the park, and only the Ferris Wheel remained standing – means that no matter how the enemies tried, they won’t overcome you, the Spring Dream Book states.

Seeing that you are going up in the cabin of the Ferris wheel and experience joy and happiness - in real life, some pleasant event will happen to you, the Autumn Dream Book promises.

If you dreamed that you had a sense of fear rising high – it means that in reality you dream to get rid of your complexes, but do not dare. Such a dream suggests that this period is very favorable for this.

To look at the city from above and not to experience anything: neither fear, nor delight - your indifference may play a bad joke with you, but your friends will not allow this to happen.

Jumping from the Ferris Wheel with a parachute - you will make a rash act, which can cost you a lot, the Modern Dream Book warns.

If you have a dream that you are acting in a movie or a video of some celebrity on a Ferris wheel – you will find a pleasant surprise prepared for you by your loved one.

Sergii Haranenko
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