Swing Dream Meaning

A swing seen in a dream symbolizes a certain life stage of a person, which, like a pendulum, will be dotted with ups and downs. To figure out what this image means in dreams, you need to carefully recall the plot - your actions, emotions, plot and other characters in a dream, analyze everything you see and put it into one meaningful picture.

Seeing swing in a dream means increased attention from the opposite sex. The desire (often unconscious) of a person to frequently change sexual partners and a frivolous attitude to love and affection can lead to disastrous consequences.

Miller's dream book interprets dreams about swing as a symbol of variability. Swinging at the teeter-totter too much, having experienced fear, is explained by the fact that in real life, a person has taken on an unbearable burden of duties and now does not know how to resolve everything. You will have to make an important decision, on which further participation in such events will depend.

To find out why the swing appears in a dream, one should recall its appearance and condition. Rope swings symbolize carelessness, fun and pleasant emotions, "boat" swing portends a grandiose entertainment event in the future, the seesaw type - predicts unstable relationship with a soulmate; children's swing, with special fastening for kids – warns of unexpected chores and anxiety for your relatives.

It is useful to know why someone dreams about broken swing. According to the dream book, such a vision characterizes the dreamer as a lazy and weak-willed person, unable to take responsibility and make decisions. An empty swinging swing personifies the inner disharmony of the sleeping person; if the person swung it himself, it means that an unfavorable period awaits him in reality.

Riding someone, swinging yourself, or seeing someone riding

Riding a swing in a dream, near which your loved one is standing, is interpreted by a dream book as a chance to experience jealousy in real life. Rocking with your partner in a dream predicts the upcoming showdown on the topic of trust and harmony between each other.

Sitting on teeter-totter, but not swinging is indicated by the dream book as the occurrence of problems due to the fault of relatives and people close to you. You will succumb to negative emotions and the influence of circumstances - that's what a dream of falling from a swing means.

Swinging on a seesaw in a dream, experiencing joy and excitement, according to the dream book, is a sign that in reality the dreamer will have a short, but very stormy romance. For girls, a dream portends an innocent flirtation that will end very quickly. Men who see such a vision should beware of fleeting romances that will not bring pleasure, but will only empty their wallets and “beat” them morally.

To see a friend who was rolling on a swing in a dream portends a breakup or a quarrel with this person in a dream book.

A dream where a dreamer swings children on the seesaw means a successful event that will end successfully and bring good results.

    Who were you swinging with in a dream?
  • together with someone - the division of property;
  • swinging alone - loneliness;
  • with a dead friend - longing for loved ones;
  • swinging with your mom - providing financial assistance to your parents;
  • rocking with a man - gossip about the dreamer;
  • with a loved one - a sexual relationship with a stranger;
  • swinging with a girlfriend - debt;
  • rocking together with a child - remuneration for your work.
Sergii Haranenko
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