Scarab Dream Meaning

What does a scarabaeus symbolize in dreams? Unlike other insects, the scarab, having appeared in a dream, promises wealth and success. But still, this bug also has its own negative interpretations, dream books suggest. The dream about scarab also predicts overcoming obstacles on the way to your goal.

The interpretation of a dream offered by Miller's dream book will please workaholics: your diligence in work will be rewarded. The interpreter prophesies success to those who, despite all sorts of difficulties, struggle with them, overcoming and resolving all issues.

What is the meaning of a dream of a small scarab beetle crawling on your arm? This is a warning not to underestimate your enemy. You should respond in a timely manner to even the slightest hint that someone is plotting against you - do not leave enemies a chance to take you by surprise.

According to the dream book of the gypsy Seraphim, seeing a scarab flying around you in a dream is a sign that you are on the right track. If you have any unfulfilled ideas, dreams of this kind mean the onset of a favorable period for their implementation.

Did you dream that a scarab climbed into your mouth? The Eastern dream book assures: such a vision means that everything you say will have a consequence. Keep this in mind when saying or promising anything.

And the dreambook of Aesop's promises a coming marriage to those who found a scarab in their bed in a dream.

When interpreting what a scarab covered in amber means, it should be clarified what looked like. If, for example, you saw a beetle in a pendant in a dream, be prepared that you will have to take responsibility for someone.

A figurine of a scarab made of gold prophesies unexpected profit. And if you saw a toy scarab, this means you can hope for harmony and tranquility in the family, as well as the joy that your children will bring to you.

As for a dream in which you ran into trouble involving a scarab, the dream books will explain after finding out some of the details of the plot.

    So, the scarab in a dream:
  • bit you - health problems;
  • crapped you - someone will spread gossip about you;
  • scarab blinded you - do not believe anything until you see it for yourself;
  • scarab spoiled the air - there will be difficulties in communicating with people.

What are the Top-5 negative scarab dream meanings?

  • A small scarab in dreams may symbolize sexual dissatisfaction.
  • Dead scarabaeus - revealing the secrets of the dreamer.
  • Stepping on a scarab - vain insults against your loved ones.
  • Holding it in your hands - performing complex work.
  • If you dreamed that a scarab had bitten you, this means a health problem.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about scarabs?

  • The golden scarab in a dream may promise opening a profitable business.
  • White scarab - a coming wedding.
  • Watching the scarab - gaining valuable experience.
  • Catching it is a sign of promotion.
  • Eating a scarabaeus - vivid impressions.

Did you see in a dream that you took the scarab out of your plate? You should not sign any contracts, the partners will be unreliable.

The scarab in the toilet "advises" to listen to someone else's opinion, but do as your intuition tells you.

Did you dream of a scarab flying through the bedroom window? This plot brings changes in family relationships. Running into it on the street – is a sign of new acquaintances.

But seeing the “Egyptian bug” in the refrigerator is a symbol of the cooling of feelings.

Sergii Haranenko
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