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Interpretation of a dream about farting

Most often farting in a dream is a sign of stupidity or rude, obscene and excessive speech, the Muslim dreambook thinks.

If you farted in a dream, and were not embarrassed at the same time, it means that in reality you will be able to free yourself from troubles and illnesses. The dream also means success in life. If you, having farted, have a feeling of awkwardness, it means that you do some stupid thing in reality, make a mistake.

Like dreams about other processes related to the release of something unnecessary and harmful from the body, a dreaming fart indicates a deliverance from something unnecessary and harmful. In a dream, there may also be an association of the sound of gases released with obscene speech or actions.

And finally, such a situation in a dream can talk about some kind of surprise or embarrassment.

This symbol means disgrace to the girl, so she shouldn’t show herself off in the near future and wear provocative clothes.

If a married woman saw a dream about farting, this can mean that her husband will embarrass her in front of the guests.

If a person was dreaming that he was farting in front of many people, in reality he will have a tremendous success. In the near future, the dreamer is recommended to submit to the public his projects, thoughts, developments. All this will receive positive feedback and will be warmly accepted. There is a chance that a person will have salary raise or offered a higher position.