Small Fish Dream Meaning

What do small fishes symbolize in dreams? Dreaming about small fish predicts a dream come true and a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Besides that, little fishes predict a long-awaited event.

Trying to catch a small fish in a dream symbolizes the impossibility of reaching the goal. If someone managed to catch a small fish, this means positive changes in personal life.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream predicts replenishment in the family.

Floating small fish in a dream speaks of flirting. Dreaming of frozen small fish represents stagnation in business.

If you dreamed about dying little fish, this is a sign of chagrin.

According to Freud, seeing small fish in a dream promises a heavy workload at work.

Eating small fish promises sexual satisfaction, according to Freud.

According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream portends catching a cold. Little golden fish speak of wealth.

If you saw small red fish, this means you may meet your future husband / wife.

Dream of small green fish promises the period of stability.

According to Nostradamus, small fish in the bathtub seen in a dream warn of cheating on the part of your partner. If you saw small fish in a can, this is a sign of melancholy; little fishes in a bucket - mean solving an old problem.

Where did you see small fish in your dream?

  • small fish in the water - a successful business trip;
  • little fishes in an aquarium - good luck in all endeavors;
  • seeing small fishes in your hands - self-improvement.

What kind of small fish appeared in a dream?

  • a little goldfish - increasing the level of income;
  • small live fish - signing a profitable deal;
  • seeing dead little fish - mean grief in the family;
  • rotten small fish - are a sign of the disease;
  • fresh small fish - loneliness.

Who had a dream about small fish?

  • unmarried girl - predicts marriage;
  • married woman - sign of pregnancy;
  • small fish in a man’s dream - a passionate romance.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about small fish?

  • Dead little fish in a dream are a sign of apathy.
  • Dried small fish - various troubles.
  • Frying small fish in a dream means a tedious chore.
  • Buying small fish - unplanned expenses.
  • Eating small fish - means receiving bad news.

Here are the Top-5 positive small fish dream meanings:

  • Marine small fish in a dream speak of traveling.
  • Small river fish - mean additional profit.
  • Little lake fish - the rapid implementation of plans.
  • Feeding small fish - increasing self-esteem.
  • Watching them swim is a sign of recovery after a protracted illness.
Sergii Haranenko
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