Seeing Fish In A Dream (for Women) Dream Meaning

If a woman has a dream about fish, this plot promises happiness in personal life. Besides that such a dream often predicts pregnancy.

What kind of fish did the woman dream about?

  • woman sees white fish in a dream - well-being;
  • blue fish in woman’s dream - success in love;
  • goldfish seen by woman - improving the financial situation;
  • dream about red fish (for women) - meeting a wealthy man;
  • dark-blue fish (for a woman) - fulfilling a dream;
  • black fish dream meaning (for female) - receiving news from an old friend;
  • colorful fish in woman’s dream - good mood;
  • toothy fish seen by women - the appearance of ill-wishers;
  • large fish in woman’s dream - pleasant events;
  • woman dreaming of fried fish - mutual understanding in the family;
  • pickled fish in a dream - an unexpected acquaintance;
  • woman dreaming about flying fish - solving problems;
  • beautiful fish seen by women - happiness;
  • woman dreams about dead fish - poor health;
  • small fish seen by woman - disappointment;
  • women dreaming of a long fish - unexpected expenses;
  • dirty fish in a dream - intrigue;
  • sea fish seen by women - sign of tears;
  • spoiled fish (for woman) - improving the financial situation;
  • smoked fish (for women) - good luck at work;
  • cooked fish seen by a female - family happiness;
  • defrosted fish (for a woman) - the appearance of an indecisive admirer;
  • woman dreams about fish giving birth - trouble at work;
  • dream about talking fish (for women) - the fulfillment of desires;
  • transparent fish in a dream - failure;
  • revived fish (for woman) - bad mood;
  • fish baked in the oven - the appearance of difficulties due to the inability to plan your time;
  • woman dreaming about rotten fish - disappointment in a loved one;
  • cleaned fish in a dream - means rest;
  • dream about exotic fish - changing the image;
  • gutted fish (for women) - a family quarrel;
  • dream of stuffed fish (gefilte fish) - a successful investment;
  • raw fish in a woman’s dream - losses;
  • ugly fish seen by female - an unsuccessful trip;
  • fatty fish - warns of the disease;
  • dream of fish with worms - the appearance of enemies;
  • dreaming about fish with caviar - a joyful event;
  • fish with maggots - public disgrace;
  • a woman sees fish without head - problems in her personal life.
  • Where did you see the fish in your dream? (for women)
  • fish in a can - unrequited love;
  • fish in the pool - new acquaintances;
  • fish in the bathroom - health problems;
  • fish in the oven - income increase;
  • fish in the store - achieving the goal;
  • fish at sea - strong excitement;
  • fish in the freezer - failures in personal life;
  • fish in the package - success at work;
  • fish in the river - minor changes in life;
  • fish in a handbag - an affair with a married man;
  • fish in the bowl - the emergence of difficulties on the way to the goal;
  • fish in the toilet - feeling of hopelessness;
  • fish in pure water - mutual love;
  • fish in the refrigerator - a surprise;
  • packed fish - financial problems;
  • fish in ice - cooling of your feelings for a partner;
  • fish on the shore - peace and comfort in the house;
  • fish on the ground - gossip;
  • fish in the market - deception by a loved one;
  • fish on the table - good luck;
  • fish in a frying pan - unpleasant news from afar;
  • fish on a plate - change.

What was the condition of the fish in your dream?

  • fish in the mud - conflicts in the family;
  • fish in blood - a meeting with distant relatives;
  • fish in oil - unpleasant surprises;
  • fish in flour - household chores.
    What type of fish did a woman dream about?
  • dream of a large catfish - the patronage of a high-ranking man;
  • woman dreams about pink salmon - a successful marriage;
  • flounder in a woman’s dream - an unwanted pregnancy;
  • dream about crucian carp - receiving a small profit;
  • carp in dreams (for women) - beneficial cooperation;
  • pollock in a dream - quarrels with friends;
  • capelin in a dream (for female) - false accusations;
  • woman dreaming about bream - failure;
  • burbot in a dream - household chores;
  • woman dreaming about fry - fun pastime;
  • perch dream meaning (for woman) - finding a new job;
  • dream about stingray - a short trip;
  • woman dreaming about piranha - danger;
  • female dreaming about salmon - joy;
  • herring seen by woman - financial difficulties;
  • stockfish in a dream - marriage with a wealthy man;
  • silver carp seen by a woman - misunderstanding in the family;
  • woman sees a dream about mackerel - the visit of guests;
  • dreams about sazan - pleasant changes in personal life;
  • catfish dream meaning - sad news;
  • sturgeon dream meaning - success;
  • woman sees starlet in a dream - disappointment;
  • eel seen by woman - intrigue;
  • woman dreaming about trout - improving the financial situation;
  • pike perch (for woman) - gossip.

What were the woman’s actions with the fish in a dream?

  • holding a fish in your hands - success in business;
  • cooking fish - pleasant changes in personal life;
  • stealing fish - income increase;
  • woman choosing fish - benefit from a new acquaintance;
  • throwing away fish - committing a bad deed;
  • woman releasing a fish in a dream - choosing of the right solution;
  • giving fish to someone - improving relationships with a loved one;
  • gathering fish - difficulties;
  • woman frying fish in a dream - a pleasant event;
  • woman gutting fish - increasing your profits;
  • getting fish out of the net - intrigue;
  • woman feeding fish - reconciliation with enemies;
  • washing fish dream meaning - good mood;
  • sorting out fish in a dream - the disease;
  • selling fish in a dream (woman) - fulfilling a dream;
  • woman saving fish in a dream - trying to fix the error;
  • salting fish in a dream - an interesting acquaintance;
  • cutting fish - problems in the team;
  • being a fishmonger - a successful financial deal;
  • woman killing fish - vain hopes;
  • receiving a fish as a gift - the appearance of an influential patron;
  • buying fish in a dream - the successful completion of any undertakings.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about fish for women?

  • Catching a fish and immediately releasing it means regretting the missed opportunities.
  • Dropping freshly cooked fish - financial problems.
  • Trying to feed a child with boiled fish is a sign of disease.
  • Swimming away from the attacking shark - danger on the road.
  • Cutting off the tail of a goldfish - disrupting of all plans.

Here are the Top-5 positive fish dream meanings (for woman):

  • Catching an unusual fish predicts a period of stability.
  • Making a wish to goldfish – helping your loved ones in a difficult situation.
  • Treating someone with fried fish - getting to know your future best friend.
  • Swimming in the pool with small fish - improving one’s health.
  • Riding a huge fish in a dream promises a vivid experience.
Sergii Haranenko

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