What Were You Doing With The Fish In Your Dream?

A dream about cooking fish is a warning about a possibility to lose your property. Beware of taking loans on the security of an apartment, signing dubious contracts and exchanging apartments within the current month.

Feeding fish in a dream is a symbol that now is the best time to take care of your looks. You can visit a salon or a hairdresser, completely change your image; thanks to this you will be able to meet an interesting person who will be able to paint your life into bright colors.

Pickling fish in a dream means stability in family life. You should not worry about small misunderstanding with your beloved ones, as they are easily solvable and will not affect the sincere relationship.

A dream about killing fish, according to the dreambooks, foreshadows a chance of meeting a person with whom life separated you a long time ago. This meeting will put a start of your new communication thanks to which you will be able to solve your financial problems.

Swimming with fish in a dream indicates the right moment to start your own business. Do not postpone this step for later, otherwise you will miss your chance.

If you were cutting fish in a dream, this plot is associated with serious changes in your personal life. It is possible that you will get acquainted with a man who will become your true love. Do not be afraid to make the first step; this step will provide a happy family life.

If you were eating fish fillets and were afraid to choke, this plot predicts small domestic problems. If you were enjoying tasty fillets, this means you will visit some mass event with a big number of people. Sadness and tears during the meal symbolize the loss of a close friend.

Carving or gutting fish in a dream, the dreambooks relate to the sphere of emotions. You will be experiencing worries because of inattentiveness of your beloved man and his cooling. Real feelings will help restoring your relations.

If you happened to buy fish in a dream, you should beware of communicating with unknown people on the street. Someone will try to deceive you, steal valuables, or try to obtain important information about your beloved ones.

Selling fish in a dream will help you prevent your ill-wishers from cursing you or sending the evil eye.

A dream about washing fish foreshadows a fun weekend spent in a noisy company. Gathering fish is a symbol of quiet calm weekend around your family.

The dreambooks give different interpretations of a symbol of a piece of fish seen in a dream. Some of them consider it a sign of career growth; others predict a long-distance business trip.

Sergii Haranenko
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