Feeding The Fish Dream Meaning

Often a symbol of feeding fish in a dream characterizes financial position and luck.

Miller’s dreambook says that to feed the fish in a dream - a good sign. The interpretation is true on one condition: if it floats freely in water. Any difficulty in moving promises obstacles in the affairs of the dreamer.

If you had to feed the fish, the dream book promises a lucky coincidence for business people. A successful partnership will be the key to success. The behavior of pets in the water will tell about how to build relationships.

When you dreamed of a flock of aggressive fish trying to bite, this means you will have to resolve issues from a position of strength. However, when you happen to see friendly fish, you should also not relax, because deep inside there is a predatory shark in each of them.

A dream of feeding fish also warns against questionable acquaintances and advises to monitor your property. In the near future, recommendations of the dream book can help you get a good profit.

The dreambooks give interpretations of dream about feeding fish in aquarium. Closed limited space means the limitations of the dreamer himself. For example, dependence on profitable, but time consuming work.

This is not the only explanation for what dreams of feeding fish in an aquarium mean. Dream interpretation compares its inhabitants with feelings that do not find an outlet, although they receive regular nourishment. Perhaps a symbol in a dream means that the dreamer is secretly in love.

One can also feed fish in aquarium in a dream before arrival of numerous guests. Despite the costs and efforts, this meeting will be very meaningful and even fateful.

If it was a woman who was feeding the fish in aquarium and the fish enjoyed the treatment, this is a symbol of big luck for the dreaming lady. Often, feeding aquarium dwellers foreshadows profits, and not only material ones. What you dreamed about symbolizes replenishment in the family.

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When you dreamed of feeding exotic aquarium inhabitants, the dream book says that it is time to change your image. Attractive appearance will not leave one interesting representative of the opposite sex indifferent.

    The interpreters pay attention to the treatment that you gave the fish in your dream:
  • Feeding fish with bread – new useful acquaintance;
  • If you saw them eating bread – this is a sign that you should take the initiative;
  • Fish eating worms – the ill person will recover;
  • Feeding fish with pearl barley – you risk losing the moment because of your stinginess.

If you were the one feeding the fish in a dream, this plot can mean you will have the burden to take care of someone in reality. Small fish personifies the child. If you happened to feed a big fish, the dream book states that it indicates an influential person or a respectable old man.

If you happened to feed a large waterfowl predator in a dream, in reality you will have to undertake responsible financial tasks. A dolphin taking a treat from your hand promises good news.

When you are lucky enough to feed a lively and energetic fish in your dream, you will have the opportunity to act as a diplomat and peacemaker in the work team. If the pet swims with its belly up, the interpreter gives a disappointing prediction. In the near future, efforts will be in vain, it will be problematic to implement your plans. A pregnant dreamer is running the risk of miscarriage.

Feeding goldfish in your dream is considered a very positive sign promising luck and success.

Sergii Haranenko
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