All About Fish In Dreams

To see a large fish playing in clear water - is a promise of the gifts of fate and great luck. Dead fish, floating with up belly up in a dream means your hopes will not come true. To fish in clear water means the following: for a girl - happy love, which will lead to successful marriage; for a woman - promises pregnancy; for a man - is a symbol of profit.

If you fish with nets, it means that in reality your enterprise will bring you considerable income. If you caught a fish, but it slipped out of your hands, a dream warns you that your carelessness can cause an unfortunate mistake.

Eating a well-fried fish in a dream means strengthening your health and good spirits. If the fish was raw or half-baked, you can get sick.

Goldfish seen in a dream - means your most secret desire will come true.

You should take into account the details of the dream plot you saw and find a corresponding explanation in our dream dictionary.

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