Swimsuit Dream Meaning

How to understand a dream about a swimsuit? Considering what parts of the body the swimsuit covers, it's easy to guess what this wardrobe detail symbolizes in a dream. According to dream books, such clothes in a dream symbolize challenging actions and frank attention of the opposite sex.

When a young man dreamed of a girl in open swimsuits (bikini), this plot expresses lack of communication with women, which is due to the shyness of the dreamer.

For a young girl, a vision in which one has to put on or wear a swimsuit is interpreted by Miller's dream book as a warning that the pursuit of dubious pleasures will not lead to anything good.

If you dreamed about a beautiful swimsuit, then, according to Tsvetkov's dream book, you will soon have a chance to shine at some event. Too open and defiant bathing suit predicts dubious success in society with scandalous connotation.

If you had to try on or wear a swimsuit in an inappropriate setting – this image indicates a threat to become one of the active participants in a grand scandal that will unfold in front of a large public.

Swimming in a swimsuit in the sea predicts an opportunity to feel new emotions, adrenaline rush. Dressing in a bikini for swimming in the pool – is a sign that you still have too limited options for implementation of your plans.

If someone happened to see the same bathing suits on two women, this means that in real time the dreamer will become an object of imitation or comparison for someone.

The interpretation of dreams about a swimsuit is often associated with the color of the accessory in a dream. So, wearing a black bikini in a dream is a warning from dream books against vicious thoughts, unworthy actions and a pessimistic mood. To see a bathing suit of this color on someone means you have suspicions about the decency of the character you are dreaming about.

The dream of choosing a dim accessory of calm color expresses the organic state of a sleeping person who does not chase attention, recognition and awards in reality.

Buying a yellow bathing suit in a dream – means cardinal changes in the professional path are coming, you will be moving towards spiritual practices, religion, mentoring. Trying on a white summer bikini in a dream predicts unwanted changes in life or the urgent need to help a familiar person in his request.

It is easy to guess what the red swimsuit is about. Choosing a bright wardrobe detail in a dream is a reflection of passion and physical motivation. Also, such a dream determines the increased energy potential of the dreamer.

Trying on a swimsuit in a dream – predicts acquisition of new clothes and new acquaintances. Another interpretation of why one dreams of trying on this piece of clothing is the opportunity to discover new talents and hidden abilities in oneself.

Buying a new bikini, flaunting it on the beach portends an acquaintance with an interesting man for a woman, which can end in a whirlwind romance, according to the dream book.

Searching for a closed and modest swim suit in the store expresses the dreamer's ability to impress others not with bright accessories, but with personal qualities.

If you dreamed that you had a chance to choose a bikini among everyday clothes, this means, according to the dream book, you will soon have a chance to take a break from everyday affairs.

To come to the beach and forget a swimsuit in a dream means a short streak of minor troubles and frustrations is coming. The summer attribute is carried away by the sea wave - you need to be attentive to uninvited guests to prevent theft.

A Modern dream book describes why one dreams of seeing a bikini lying in a dressing room. This vision is a reflection of understatement, unfinished business.

If you dreamed that you feel embarrassed about wearing a swimsuit – this plot indicates the likelihood of an awkward situation due to ill-considered words or actions.

Sergii Haranenko
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