Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About The Sea

In many esoteric spheres, water symbolizes the realm of feelings and emotions. Psychoanalysts agree with esotericists: experts often associate the appearance of water element in dreams with the unconscious desires or needs of a person. Meanwhile, even unconscious feelings have a significant impact on the state of the psyche, as well as on the decisions made by a person.

To begin with, one should consider the interpretations that dreambooks offer depending on the sex of the dreamer.

What does it mean if a woman dreams about sea?

  • If the dreamer admired the calm water surface from afar, the dream says that at present her personal life is far from manifestations of passion, love, attraction. Moreover, perhaps, deep down in her soul, a woman does not consider the intimate side of life to be something that can bring pleasure. The origins of such an attitude towards love and sex, most likely, should be sought in subconscious fears or psychological complexes.
  • If a woman was swimming underwater, this means curiosity pushes you to find out information that does not concern you, and in addition, can cause you frustration.
  • Swimming, especially if the sea water looked clean, is a good sign. A favorable period awaits you in the near future. Any of your endeavors will be successful, as the feeling of support and understanding from your loved one will increase your optimism and self-confidence.
  • If a girl dreams that she is frolicking in the sea waves with her partner, this means her beloved will be faithful to her and will soon ask her to marry him.
  • Catching sea fish for a woman in a dream is a symbol of long-awaited pregnancy.

What does it mean if a man is dreaming about the sea, according to Freud?

  • If you dreamed of a river flowing into a waving sea, wait for such an amazing night of love which you have not had for a long time, and maybe never at all.
  • Admiring the sea from the shore or from a ship is a sign of the lack of stability in a man's personal life. However, you already have an unconscious desire to settle down. This means that the circumstances will provide you with the opportunity to start serious relationship soon. Whether you take this chance depends entirely up to you.
  • For a man a dream where he sees his beloved woman drowning in the sea symbolizes insecurity in his own feelings towards her.

Turbid sea water dream meaning.

Dreaming of turbid sea predicts intrigues of ill-wishers and the emergence of disturbing thoughts. Besides that, seeing turbid sea in a dream may be a sign of achieving what you planned.

Swimming in a muddy sea in a dream predicts a serious illness; seeing yourself in a sea with dirty water may symbolize a loss of reputation.

Miller considers muddy sea water to be a sign of disappointment in life. For men it may be a reflection of physical fatigue; for a woman - symbolize gossip about her past.

According to different dreambooks explanations water in a sea can predict both positive and negative events. In order to understand the meaning of your dream, you should remember the details about the water conditions. If you had a dream about pure sea water, the Wanderer’s dreambook understands this as a very favorable sign of strong health, success and great mood of the dreamer. Serene sea surface with crystal-clear water in your dream is a promise of carefree life that will make happy only those dreamers who are not looking for adventures and danger.

Diving into sea water seeing the bottom very well is a reflection of your perfect intuition. It is impossible to hide something from you; you will feel false and lies at once. Swimming in muddy water warns you about problems with reputation. Dirty water in the sea is a sign of insincerity, either yours or someone’s from your surrounding. Feeling the deceit, no one will want to deal with you, the same as you with the liar. If you were swimming in the sea and the waves brought small sea shells that were hitting your face, this dream plot promises betrayal and tears. A dream about swimming in muddy sea water where the shells were filling your mouth is a warning that you need to keep your mouth shot; you are telling people a lot of personal information.

Swimming in a warm blue ocean promises your dreams and hopes coming true. If you were swimming on a calm surface on a mattress and enjoyed the sun, the dream symbolizes a sudden pleasant surprise from someone close to you. The best interpretation of the dream is applied if you saw yourself not alone, but with a company.

Diving in very cold water can be explained by dream details.

  • diving from a rock – you shouldn’t suppress your feelings;
  • seeing a lot of ice around you – you are surrounded by people who are indifferent to your fate;
  • if a lot of ice appeared after you dived – you are being too cold with your friends;
  • seeing a sea without water after it cooled out – this is a sign of uncertainty;
  • if the water warmed from your body after you got in it – you will “infect” others with your optimism.

If a person dreamed of a sea covered with large waves, such a dream can mean a difficult path that the sleeper has to go through if he wants to achieve his goals.

A dream about sea storm symbolizes the period of adversity and emotional unrest in the dreamer's life. Indomitable waves, foamy "lambs", boiling dirty water in a dream is a warning about a possible illness that can overtake the dreamer. The influence of various external factors on your psyche threatens to deplete the body's defenses. To get into an unfolding sea storm is a warning about rapidly unfolding events over which the dreamer has no power.

Seeing calm sea in a dream is not always a favorable sign. On the one hand, a serene seascape can mean that there is time of quiet happiness in your life, when you can enjoy the fruits of your past labors. However, at the same time, calm can be interpreted as a warning - it is just the calm before the storm. Try to mobilize all your mental resources in order to adequately meet adverse events at a critical moment.

If the sea in your dream looks too still and even lifeless, this image indicates accumulated fatigue.

Warm sea water that beckons you to plunge into it personifies the support of loved ones. For a married woman such a dream means the spouse's desire to protect his beloved woman from any worries or troubles. For careerists the dream of a warm sea promises a coming promotion.

Or maybe there was no water in your dream at all? A dried up sea that has turned into a dead desert is not a very good dream symbol, which means a series of failures awaiting you in the near future. You will have to put aside your ambitions and start saving what you have. However, if in a dream you see a beginning tide, this means the black streak will be short, and then success and prosperity will return to you again.

To see the sea with corals growing at the bottom in a dream is a sign of strong friendship, vivid emotions, strong spiritual connection between the dreamer and the person dear to him.

Ships sailing on the sea can herald an exciting trip with pleasant companions. In addition, the majestic ship in a dream personifies the rapid rise of career, success, and respect of colleagues, which the dreamer will use. The image of an old sailing ship may hint at the renewal of former romantic relationship.

If a person knows for sure in a dream that he is at a seaside resort, but does not see the sea itself, such a plot may warn that the dreamer's carefully designed plans may fail at the most unexpected moment. Do not rush to panic, trust your fate: everything will end well.

Sometimes we can see an uninhabited island in a dream: usually this symbol warns the dreamer that he was mistaken in one of his friends. Take a closer look at your surroundings - not all people deserve the same degree of trust.

Sergii Haranenko
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