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Sea Water Dream Meaning

According to different dreambooks explanations water in a sea can predict both positive and negative events. In order to understand the meaning of your dream, you should remember the details about the water conditions. If you had a dream about pure sea water, the Wanderer’s dreambook understands this as a very favorable sign of strong health, success and great mood of the dreamer. Serene sea surface with crystal-clear water in your dream is a promise of carefree life that will make happy only those dreamers who are not looking for adventures and danger.

Diving into sea water seeing the bottom very well is a reflection of your perfect intuition. It is impossible to hide something from you; you will feel false and lies at once. Swimming in muddy water warns you about problems with reputation. Dirty water in the sea is a sign of insincerity, either yours or someone’s from your surrounding. Feeling the deceit, no one will want to deal with you, the same as you with the liar. If you were swimming in the sea and the waves brought small sea shells that were hitting your face, this dream plot promises betrayal and tears. A dream about swimming in muddy sea water where the shells were filling your mouth is a warning that you need to keep your mouth shot; you are telling people a lot of personal information.

Swimming in a warm blue ocean promises your dreams and hopes coming true. If you were swimming on a calm surface on a mattress and enjoyed the sun, the dream symbolizes a sudden pleasant surprise from someone close to you. The best interpretation of the dream is applied if you saw yourself not alone, but with a company.

    Diving in very cold water can be explained by dream details:
  • diving from a rock – you shouldn’t suppress your feelings;
  • seeing a lot of ice around you – you are surrounded by people who are indifferent to your fate;
  • if a lot of ice appeared after you dived – you are being too cold with your friends;
  • seeing a sea without water after it cooled out – this is a sign of uncertainty;
  • if the water warmed from your body after you got in it – you will “infect” others with your optimism.

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