Tall Woman Dream Meaning

A tall girl in a dream can symbolize the dreamer's high aspirations, as well as moving up the career ladder, ups and reaching the heights to which he aspired for a long time.

If you see a tall girl trying to get acquainted with you, whose breasts you barely reach, this means that your career ambitions will be met.

If a tall woman was seen by a lady in a dream, she should remember the character’s mood. If the girl radiated positive, then the dreamer can hope for success with the opposite sex. But the evil giant means intrigue and gossip against the dreamer.

According to the Druid dream book, to see a beautiful tall girl in a dream is a symbol of purity of thoughts and sincerity of relationships. You can not worry that you will be deceived if you dreamed of a beautiful woman with unrealistically large growth, says the Gypsy interpreter.

Chinese dreambook recommends sharing your secrets and worries with your family if you dreamed of communicating with an overgrown lady. You will get very sad interpretations, if you could see a tall girl with a frightening appearance in a dream. If you dreamed that a terrible young giant woman was chasing you, this means that you have hidden enemies. Be restrained in your revelations, and the enemies will leave you alone.

If the giant lady in your dream was crying, this means that your plans will not be fulfilled because your ambitions are too high.

If you saw yourself being too high in a dream, this means you take on too many responsibilities that will not be easy to fulfill, Nostradamus states. If the girl looked into the mirror and saw her height double or even triple, according to the dream book, this vision symbolizes the increase in self-conceit and self-esteem.

    One should also pay attention to the tall woman’s behavior:
  • Smiling, kind – pleasant moment and achieving the desired;
  • Angry, hysterical – you should be careful with what you say;
  • Cunning – do not trust strangers;
  • Ingenuous – you should learn to restrain your emotions.
Sergii Haranenko
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