Tall Man Dream Meaning

A tall man in a dream is a symbol of unfulfilled dreams and at the same time progress in the business sphere, increasing passion, love and other emotions.

If a woman saw a dream about tall man, she will have a happy life and complete satisfaction. It is a bad sign to see an ugly and disgruntled tall man. You are destined to frustration and boredom.

A tall man will ideal stature in a dream is associated with strength, confidence, reliability, intelligence, commitment. If a cute and smiling character was seen by a woman, the dream book is sure: she chose a successful life companion. This same image means that success and fame are waiting for the dreamer.

But if the tall man was ugly and angry, then get ready for the troubles associated with loved ones. Numerous obstacles and hindrances in the business sphere will be added to this.

If you saw a very tall man in a dream, this is precisely how overconfidence, exorbitant ambition, narcissism, and other qualities are reflected. If a very tall person was showing affection to you, the dreambook predicts that some acquaintance will completely change your life soon making it bright and happy.

If you dreamed that your husband was very tall, then the current affairs and plans will be implemented in the best possible way.

An unknown tall man wearing a black raincoat in a dream is a warning that you will have to share your secrets with others against your will.

If you dreamed of an unfamiliar tall bruiser, then you are embroiled in a dubious adventure. If an unfamiliar man terribly scared you in a dream, there will be problems because of people you care about in reality.

If a tall, fat man appeared in a dream, pleasant events are approaching. If a tall man hugs you in a dream, in real life you will get acquainted with the future partner or make a good friend.

If a drunk tall guy tried to hug you but you fought back, this is a symbol of long-lasting loneliness. If it was a person you know trying to hug you, this is a sign of illness. If a relative made a hug, then get ready for a quarrel or betrayal. The tenderness of the stranger promises a long road, and the enemy - reconciliation with him.

If a tall man tried to make you dance with him, the dreambook is sure that these are urgent plans remind you of themselves.

Sergii Haranenko
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