Waffle Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about waffles? Dreams about waffles have a number of interpretations, both positive and negative. According to Miller’s dream interpretation, an image of waffles is one of the brightest examples of gender inequality in the dreams’ explanations. So, if waffles were seen in a girl’s dream, this is a prediction that she will get happily married to a rich man or will make a good capital investment.

As for men seeing waffles in their dreams, this is a sign of financial loss and money waste. Pastor Loff is more loyal to men in his dream interpretation: fresh waffles symbolize a profitable proposal, but before accepting it make sure your partners are reliable. As for women, the dreambook predicts a lot of attention from men and intense feeling of justice. In this period ladies can make romantic steps not thinking about consequences, because they are guided by their heart, but not mind. Women’s dreambook states that a girl who saw fresh waffles will get married soon.

Very unstable future is waiting for those who ate stale waffles in their dream. If you dream about waffles that looked good but turned out to be not fresh when tasted, this dream means you have doubts about your actions. If the waffles were hard and you felt bitter taste, you will have remorse about mistakes. Women eating their own or someone’s stale waffles regret their choice of husband. A dream where you tasted fresh fluffy waffles with filling has favorable meaning: positive changes in personal life are waiting for you. A dream about waffles with strawberries brings new romantic acquaintance. Chocolate filling symbolizes fire in your relations. Eating waffles with nuts means that the dreamer is very shy. A marzipan feeling gives a signal about woman’s prudence.

If you were baking waffles, you will have difficulties at work or with your plans’ realization. Buying waffles indicates unreasonable money waste. Treating someone with waffles predicts new acquaintance with an unusual and interesting person. Throwing waffles away in your dream indicates your dissatisfaction with your life.

Sergii Haranenko
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