Wealth Dream Meaning

For the most part, the wealth seen in a dream does not carry a large semantic load. Nevertheless, in some cases, dream books recommend paying attention to such visions and figuring out what they mean.

If you are preoccupied with the issue of finding money in reality, then there is nothing surprising in such dreams about richness. Here is the programming of the dreamer's subconscious to solve a specific problem. And only the details will indicate how current affairs will be resolved.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the feelings. If you dreamed that you rejoice beyond measure to the acquired fortune, then it is worth changing your attitude towards money in waking life. It is the strong attachment to it that keeps you from getting rich.

But a dream in which you treated wealth with absolute peace of mind speaks of the chances of achieving success and improving your financial situation. If you remained indifferent, having received a large amount, then, according to Miller's dream book, real enrichment awaits you.

Night dreams traditionally reflect the state of mind of a person, his feelings, hopes or fears. Wealth in a dream literally means high spirituality and a big kind heart. Moreover, these are not mountains of gold, diamonds and expensive jewelry at all. Dream Interpretation by Vanga believes that such an interpretation will have a dream in which something more modest, but no less valuable, was seen - in particular, precious stones.

But to see countless treasures and not to be able to touch it means that you have a passion in reality, which is better to get rid of.

If you dreamed that you were fabulously rich, this means a quick career growth awaits you in reality. However, this promotion will be a real challenge for you. After such a vision, it is worth understanding the fact that you will have to work literally tirelessly for some period.

Did you see someone else's wealth in a dream and did not feel envy? You have loyal friends who will support and help in difficult situations.

A dream in which you bathed in luxury and enjoyed your newfound wealth is not well interpreted. Alas, in the real world, you will be bitterly disappointed.

It is of great importance for the interpretation what exactly the wealth was. So jewelry in a dream can be a sign of a quick, but not very successful marriage; gold – means deception; silver – symbolizes spiritual growth.

You should take a closer look at monetary wealth. Money itself has many conflicting interpretations. They dream speaks of tears and good luck, trouble and fun, illness and prosperity. Money is often a symbol of deception, and therefore it is not always good to see it in a dream, especially in large quantities.

Wealth that has fallen on you in a dream can be a symbol of failure, deterioration in financial situation, illness and even poverty. It is recommended to forget such dreams immediately. Otherwise, there will be banal programming for the negative in the real world, which will lead you to the biggest trouble.

By the way, Loff's dream book advises to tune in for the best even after the worst dream. After all, dreams are only a tool of the subconscious, which gives us clues to avoid dangers.

Sergii Haranenko
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