Wetting Your Feet Dream Meaning

Wetting your feet in a dream promises a valuable acquisition, wealth or winning. Besides that, wet feet may warn of misunderstandings with family or getting fired because of careless attitude to your professional obligations.

Walking across the beach and getting your feet wet promises relaxation in the company of your loved ones.

Riding a yacht and wetting your feet symbolizes passion for extreme sports.

Wetting your feet during a downpour and getting dirty warns about an insult from a stranger.

What were your actions in a dream?

  • dangling your feet in the water - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • wetting bare feet - a sharp change of plans;
  • being afraid to get your feet wet - litigation;
  • pouring warm water on your feet - improving well-being;
  • warming one’s feet in boiling water - the emergence of reliable friends;
  • washing your feet from dirt - an accident during a trip;
  • accidentally wetting your feet up to the knees - achieving your goal;
  • lowering your legs into the water ankle-deep - disclosure of someone else's secrets;
  • falling under the ice with your feet - unrequited love;
  • lowering your right foot into clear water - overcoming fears;
  • wiping wet feet - participating in a trial.

Where did you get your feet wet in a dream?

  • getting your feet wet in the pool - hard work that will bring good profit;
  • feet got wet in dirty water - the loss of trust of a loved one;
  • wet feet in ice water - warns of a disease;
  • wetting one’s feet in a puddle - a long-awaited meeting;
  • feet got wet at sea - great joy;
  • getting your feet wet in the lake - communicating with a dishonest person;
  • wet feet in the river - regret about missed opportunities;
  • wetting feet in the stream - taking care of the child;
  • getting your feet in holy water - good news from distant relatives;
  • wetting feet in a basin of muddy water - unwillingness to notice the problems of others;
  • feet got wet on the seashore - manifestation of hidden talents.
    In what shoes did your feet get wet in a dream?
  • wet feet in boots - the duplicitous behavior of an old friend;
  • wet feet in sneakers - the division of property;
  • wearing socks on wet feet - the revenge of the ill-wisher;
  • wetting your feet in high boots - the resumption of old love relationships;
  • wet feet in shoes - gossip behind the dreamer.

What are the Top-5 negative wet feet dream meanings?

  • Wet feet in the forest show your unwillingness to listen to someone else's opinion.
  • Walking through puddles in shoes and getting your feet wet - betrayal of a loved one.
  • Dipping your feet in a pond with blue water - disappointment in your loved ones.
  • Wetting your feet in red water - a serious illness.
  • Wetting your heels - means gossip.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about getting your feet wet?

  • Wetting your feet in cold water in dreams means winning an argument.
  • Wet feet in warm water - the return of the old debt.
  • Wetting feet in very hot water - replenishment in the family.
  • Putting your feet under the stream of water from the tap - a fun holiday.
  • Stepping into the water spilled on the floor - harmony in relations with a partner.
Sergii Haranenko
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