Swollen Legs Dream Meaning

Seeing swollen legs in a dream means choosing the wrong path in reality. Expect troubles if you dreamed that they were also sore. However, modern dream books are quite optimistic about what ugly feet or ankles mean in dreams.

Psychologists recommend not to be upset if you dream or a tumor or swelling on the lower extremities. It turns out that a dream means an opportunity to get rich quickly, to inherit a fortune. But limping in a dream, seeing yourself on crutches - predicts a tedious advancement of your own goals.

    Telling why swollen legs appear in a dream, Miller's dream book advises to attach great importance even to trifles:
  • to experience torment, pain - means suffering in reality;
  • feeling heaviness while walking - means overcoming obstacles;
  • seeing the legs swelling – replenishment of the budget;
  • being embarrassed and hiding your feet - unwillingness to participate in travel.

If you dreamed that you were experiencing aching pain - be prepared for worries and mental anguish. A dream means that you have chosen the not entirely correct path to the goal and now you are forced to regret it bitterly. Seeing ulcers, wounds on your limbs in a dream means shame for some actions.

Explaining why swollen legs and edema which are painful to touch are seen in a dream, Tsvetkov's dream book recommends admitting one’s own mistakes, correcting them. The psychologist offers to apologize to your loved ones for impartial behavior, to take the initiative and make peace with family, friends, colleagues.

People who are able to work in excess of the norm can feel heaviness while walking in a dream. Despite the fact that every step on the way to the goal will be difficult, you will be able to master even the most difficult tasks. If you dreamed that you had to move around with difficulty, in reality you will be able to carry out everything that was conceived earlier and even more.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus promises a series of victories to everyone who is not afraid to move towards their dreams, regardless of obstacles. Getting a promotion, public recognition of your merits – this is exactly what swollen legs mean in a dream. The main thing at this moment is not to stop there.

The dream book also warns against excessive gullibility. It turns out that seeing swollen legs means being targeted the authorities. Some of your colleagues are mercilessly collecting dirt on your personality and are already close to revealing the shortcomings to the management.

Feeling pain in your ankles and feet is the same as experiencing an insult from people you love very much. The more the swelling seemed in a dream, the more painful it was to step, the more the resentment will hurt you. Try to find out from your loved ones the reason for their dissatisfaction and change the relationship for the better.

Sergii Haranenko
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