Actions With Legs Dream Meaning

Washing legs in a dream means you will have to solve the question that will arise completely unexpectedly. Dreambook does not promise that the goal will be achieved, however, you will be able to gain some benefit from the situation.

Those who are going to wash their feet in a dream, will have some collective work on a project, which, unfortunately, is doomed. The dream interpretation advises initially not to place particular hopes on the result and to take this test as an opportunity to demonstrate to your colleagues your best business skills.

If you often see dreams about shaving legs, this means you are accustomed to choose your own path, lay a route and not turn off from it, even if you have to travel alone.

If you do not just shave your legs in a dream, but also enjoy smooth skin, the dream promises that life will go smoothly in reality too. Cooperation will be pleasant and fruitful, and the results of your work will bring you real pleasure.

If you are used to cutting your toenails on your own, such a dream speaks of your inclination for restraint. Dream Interpretation reminds that sometimes you should still express your emotions and desires.

If you dreamed that you had someone else's legs, the dream suggests that it is time to sit at the desk. You will have to learn something fundamentally new or go to the next level of skill in what you already know.

A dream in which you are pleased to kiss someone’s feet points out that you are comfortable on the sidelines. You do not seek leadership, which does not mean lack of will. It is quite possible that the “gray cardinal,” slumbers in you, the dream book believes.

If you allow someone to stroke your feet in a dream, the dream book views such a gesture as a forerunner of a major scandal. The dream testifies to the accumulated aggression in you, which is just waiting for a reason to burst out.

A dream in which you stare at someone else's feet shows your secret envy to their owner in reality. If you look at your own feet as closely, the dream may turn out to be a precursor to loss and damage.

If you are happy to see your bare legs in a dream, the image means that you feel at your best. You enjoy the feeling of comfort, stability and confidence in the future - that is, you stand firmly on your feet.

If you are walking barefoot in your dream and suddenly find glass in your foot, the plot means that you will be popular with friends and find professional recognition.

Amputation of the leg means the dream is trying to warn you that you contacted a bad company in reality.

If you wet your feet in a dream, such a dream promises not a costly, and, nevertheless, a pleasant gift. The image can also mean that you will soon receive a sign of attention from the person you are interested in.

The leeches on your feet in a dream symbolize the envious who are not averse to joining your success.

Leg surgery in a dream reflects your dissatisfaction with the situation and the desire for change. The dream reflects your desire to improve things and promises that you really can change something for the better.

Sergii Haranenko
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