Yellow Dress Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about someone wearing a yellow dress? Yellow color in a dream personifies joy and vitality, and at the same time can be a symbol of envy, anger and insincerity.

To dream of someone close to you dressed in a dirty bright yellow dress, testifies to the insincerity of the dreamed character, who, besides this, dissolves the nasty gossip about the dreamer.

Low quality clothes that are returned to the store or are to be thrown out in a dream predict the dreamer's disappointment in beloved person, which leads to a break-up.

The dream of a torn dress of sunny shades testifies to the stable life position of the lady-dreamer, who does not allow people who can disturb her inner harmony into her surroundings.

Dirty, battered or heavily worn clothing of a bright yellow color is interpreted by the dream book that a loved one will condemns the actions of a dreaming lady.

To see a light, thin, sliding fabric speaks of the dreamer's ability to get away with the problems, and also reflects the subconscious distrust of others. Solid, heavy wool material announces the material wealth and reliability of the love partner.

To see yourself wearing a yellow dress made of transparent fabric signifies appearance of envious people due to your success in business. A dress with ruffles and quilling reveals a frivolous attitude towards others, addiction to gossip and intrigue.

If a girl tried on a yellow wedding dress on the eve of her wedding, such plot brings disappointment in her partner because of his betrayal.

If the wedding dress is short - the relationship with the partner will end soon; a dress with a long gown - the consequences of deception will affect the state of health and the emotional state of the dreamer for a long time.

If you dreamed that there were flowers in the wedding dress, this means that the separation will be long and painful for both.

Buying a new yellow dress which you like a lot in a dream foreshadows a meeting with a charming, but deceitful person, Miller's dreambook states.

If you tore a dress that was just bought, this is a sign of opportunity to decide on a long-planned business.

To take off the yellow dress is a sign of the imminent release of the dreamer from the relationship and insincere relations. Choosing clothes in a store, trying on a yellow dress shows that among a countless number of gentlemen, the dreaming lady would prefer the most windy, but eloquent one.

To try on a dress of a sunny shade in front of a mirror admiring your reflection, promises a fight with a rival for the heart and attention of a beloved man. However, if the dreamer watches her figure in order to buy the dress she liked, this is a sign of a successful victory over a sly rival.

Sergii Haranenko
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