Someone Else’s Wedding Dream Meaning

A dream about someone else's wedding is an indicator of the dreamer's readiness to accept the vicissitudes of fate. In order to correctly interpret the hint from the Higher Powers or your own intuition, you need to remember the emotions and details of the holiday experienced in a dream, and take into account who the heroes of the celebration are to you.

Why do you dream of being a guest at someone else's wedding?

A dream can “reveal” your hidden desires, which you are afraid even to admit to yourself. Dreaming of a home and family, you don’t want to spend time taking care of it yet, so you see in your dreams someone else’s wedding, not your own. A wedding train rushing past you in a dream speaks of your unwillingness to part with freedom for the sake of marriage.

Vanga writes in her dream book: if you dream that you had to go to someone else’s wedding, in reality you will have a fun party with old friends. Moreover, in the midst of noisy fun, you will be able to make an acquaintance that may turn out to be fateful.

Freud considers participation in a wedding feast in a dream to be an indicator of a harmonious intimate relationship with a partner. For innocent dreamers, such a plot is an indicator of the fear that the dreamer experiences before his first sexual experience. And Freud interprets an invitation to someone else’s wedding as an omen of good news.

According to the Women's dream book, dreaming about someone else's wedding is an incentive to make a decision about your own marriage: to hurry up or abandon it altogether.

The Esoteric dream book predicts an upcoming unpleasant social event on a city or country scale. Moreover, it will not affect a person who saw someone else’s wedding in a dream.

    What was the wedding you dreamed about like?
  • If it was a large event, noisy fun in a spacious hall or in the lap of nature, in a luxurious country villa, it means that you are lucky in everything, you know how to enjoy life, and do not miss good chances.
  • A secret marriage (without the consent of relatives) in a narrow circle of friends is a warning about danger: you may be drawn into dubious matters.
  • A scandalous party with a runaway bride or groom is the threshold of an absurd situation in reality. You will become a victim of deception: you will not receive what you were promised. But if you make an effort, you can count on good compensation.

If you happen to be a maid-of-honor at a wedding, the dream book predicts imminent changes for the better in your personal life.

During the course of the plot, did you create obstacles for the successful completion of the holiday? This is a bad sign: there are enemies among your surrounding who wish you harm.

Did you make a scandal at someone's wedding? This means: someone close to you is in danger of trouble.

Did you help organize someone else’s wedding celebration in a dream? This is a sure sign that in reality you often take on someone else’s responsibility, solving the problems of even complete strangers. Maybe it's time for you to learn to say no.

Have you prepared outfits for someone else’s wedding: sewed them, put in order the suits, dresses, selected looks for the newlyweds? This dream means there will be many people who will envy you. After all, such a dream foreshadows a bright date in an intimate setting, which both participants will be satisfied with. Unfortunately, the fleeting connection will not end in anything serious.

Wedding of a girl you know dream meaning

If in a dream you happened to see a friend getting married, this is a manifestation of jealousy. And if a friend chose your husband or boyfriend as her groom, it is possible that there are grounds for jealousy.

Other interpreters offer gloomy predictions. They are talking about the imminent death of a friend who is celebrating her wedding in your dream. This interpretation should be taken into account if a friend is very sick.

Another unpleasant version of the prophecy promises stillborn children after celebrating the marriage of a familiar person in a dream. This interpretation is valid for a pregnant dreamer.

    If you dream about the wedding of a girl you know, there are several neutral interpretations of this dream:
  • Just looking at the celebration from the side means you will soon receive large-scale news, maybe associated with the dreamer.
  • Being a maid-of-honor - global changes are approaching in the life of the sleeper, which will help achieve well-being.
  • To be among the guests means that the sleeper’s attempts to get into the thick of things will end in failure.
  • To be the only and honored guest - someone will need the help of the dreamer. In this case, you need to help people, because soon the sleeper himself will need responsiveness in response. Another option is that in real life the dreamer is depressed by thoughts about some complicated matter.

Dreaming of a classmate's wedding

If you dreamed of a wedding celebration where the main character was your classmate, this is an omen of a noisy party in the company of old friends. Preparations for this meeting have already begun.

    If you dream about the wedding of a classmate where you were a:
  • Guest - in reality the approval of your colleagues awaits you. Colleagues will recognize your competence or skill and appreciate your achievements.
  • Maid-of-honor - stunning success awaits you in reality.

But there is an important nuance: a dream with an unpleasant classmate should be interpreted exactly the opposite.

A dream involving a former classmate means that you have to plunge into your own past and understand something that previously escaped your attention. You may have to re-evaluate an event or person.

A former classmate in a dream may be a sign of receiving unexpected news. If you hugged her in a dream, congratulated the girl, were happy to meet her, good news is expected, if you were upset looking at her, get ready for bad news.

If you dreamed of a student in your class with whom you were once in love (secretly or openly), this is an omen of future events reminiscent of the past, or a harbinger of exciting changes in fate. Try not to miss your chance.

Dream about a relative’s wedding

Family ties are the strongest and most indestructible. Often “animal love” is explained by the “call of blood.” The desire to see relatives, worry about them leads to night visions with the participation of relatives. What do these dreams mean? The presence of almost any relative in a dream foreshadows the sleeper with minor troubles that will not particularly disturb his comfort. Most often, such dreams remind you that your loved ones need attention and care.

    To understand why you dream of a relative’s wedding, you need to take into account how the bride is related to the dreamer.
  • Mother is getting married. Most often, this dream signals that the dreamer’s mother could use moral support from her daughter, because a woman’s illness or experiences can result in depression. Sometimes such a dream speaks of great daughterly love (after all, the “child” wishes the mother personal happiness).
  • The sister celebrates her marriage. This plot foreshadows the appearance in the dreamer’s life of a person who will irritate her. If a sister is married, a dream about her sister’s wedding predicts a new addition to her family, that is, the dreamer will have nephews. According to another dream book, the sleeping woman can count on advancement through the ranks.
  • The daughter appears as the bride at her wedding. The dream predicts positive changes in the life of the sleeping person. It will be possible to take the weight off your shoulders and take advantage of the new prospects that have opened up. Everything will turn out great if you dream of your daughter wearing a traditional, rich white dress. But a daughter’s red or blue wedding dress in a dream warns that the dreamer has envious people spreading rumors about her.
  • Seeing your daughter’s wedding in a dream also means getting rid of everyday worries and responsibilities, idle, not burdensome life.
  • A dream about your sister’s wedding usually means great life changes, in which this sister will take part. If your sister is not married, this can symbolize her serious illness; if she is married – fulfilling of her plans and wishes coming true.
  • A dream about your son’s wedding means you will get a chance to protect your son and you from troubles; this dream is a reminder that you have a guardian angel.
  • If you see your brother’s wedding, this plot is warning you about an unpleasant admirer whose attention will be persistent and annoying and it will be difficult to get rid of him.
  • Seeing your parents’ wedding is a positive sign saying about long happy life of the couple without big problems.

A dream about your mother’s wedding is a warning for the dreamer that he should take a very good care of his mother and shield her from depression and worries. Any kind of stress can be reflected badly on her health.

A dream about relatives’ wedding is a prediction of a good and careless period of life without any problems.

Meaning of a dream about niece's wedding

A woman dreams of her own niece’s wedding - this is a signal of the impending collapse of the dreamer’s personal life. In the dreams of women and men, a niece in the role of a bride means that those sleeping are not satisfied with their status in society or with the way they have relationships with members of the opposite sex.

If you dreamed about your husband’s niece in a wedding dress, the dreamer will face exciting things, excellent prospects, and amazing changes in life. If in night dreams the groom of her husband’s niece turned out to be her same age, the dreamer in reality will have to prove her opinion. This interpretation is given by the Modern Dream Book.

If, as the plot progresses, the niece in the role of the bride turns out to be the same age as the dreamer, this is a warning: the one sleeping in reality will have to defend her point of view for a long time (this is Freud’s opinion).

If in a dream a non-existent gentleman proposed marriage to your niece, exciting things await you in reality that will dramatically change your life for the better.

Aunt's wedding dream meaning

An aunt in a wedding dress is the image of the “Snow Queen”. According to the dream book, the aunt is a reflection of the dreamer’s own ego. Probably, the person sleeping in reality is cold with others, demonstrating alienation.

    The presence of one’s own aunt in a wedding dream means: A
  • harbinger of quarrels in the family. This prophecy may apply not only to the dreamer, but also directly to her aunt.
  • The threshold of an abundance of troubles. Most likely, relatives will soon unexpectedly come to visit. But the initial concern that the relatives will bring to the sleeping woman will be replaced by joy.
  • If a young woman sees such a dream, this means the dreamer is in a premonition of condemnation from others for some unfortunate action of hers.
  • If the aunt smiles happily as the plot progresses, sadness in reality will be replaced by joyful emotions.
  • An aunt’s wedding, where the bride looks happy, is a symbol of the harmony of the dreamer’s female soul. Perhaps the person sleeping in reality is surrounded by love, her home is cozy, and she is pleasant in communication. The girl knows how to take care of her appearance and always looks her best.

Why do you dream about the wedding of strangers?

Gustav Miller in his dream book interprets the wedding of strangers, where the dreamer happened to be present as a guest, as a precursor to misunderstandings at work.

For divorced women and unmarried girls, a wedding of strangers in a dream foreshadows the appearance of a betrothed in their life. Or they will begin a romantic relationship, accompanied by stormy love passion. After such a dream, married ladies can count on a family celebration that was not even planned.

If you dreamed of a wedding of complete strangers, this is an omen of a chance meeting with a friend whom you have not seen for a long time. Another interpretation: dreamers will have their cherished wish come true.

Aesop's dream book interprets being at a wedding of unknown people in a slightly different way. We are talking about the dreamer's predicament in real life. A person who is tired of the problems that have piled up cannot cope with them on his own. Aesop is encouraging: the sleeper can soon count on outside help. In the end, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Why do you dream about the wedding of people you know?

Does the dreamed celebration concern your friends? This is an excellent sign about the growth of your business, the emergence of new opportunities, and the conclusion of lucrative contracts. Don't miss the opportunity to communicate with people, be open and attentive to get a good deal.

To correctly interpret a dream about someone else’s wedding, you need to take into account who dreamed about the plot. If an unmarried girl of a very young age had to see a wedding celebration, this foreshadows the imminent fulfillment of the dreamer’s cherished desire with the help of strangers, perhaps strangers (the wedding is someone else’s).

If an unmarried girl had to attend as a guest at her lover’s wedding with another lady, the dream foreshadows conflicts and other problems in the couple. The dreamer will have to compromise in order to maintain a relationship with her loved one, although, most likely, quarrels will be his fault.

Your friend’s wedding in a dream is a sign of future fruitful cooperation that can grow into profitable business. Finding out that a close friend is getting married- this dream foretells great luck for the lady-dreamer, and for men it promises deliverance from the impending threat to life, health, and business.

The color of the bride’s wedding dress also plays a significant role in the dream’s interpretation. A virgin-white dress means you will have a good life period without any problems; a red wedding outfit, or even worse, a black wedding dress means that someone is jealous and envy, spreading slander about you and weaving intrigues. Dull and sad guests at the wedding are warning about ill-wishers.

Sergii Haranenko
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