Acacia Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of acacia in a dream? Acacia often symbolizes a pleasant meeting in dreams.

According to the Ukrainian dreambook, flowering acacia – means unexpected joy, a job well done; being under an acacia is a sign of good news. Giving someone acacia in a dream is a sign of sadness.

The Male dreambook thinks that your plans will soon undergo major changes if you dream about acacia. Seeing a blooming white acacia in a dream predicts a joyful meeting that promises a lot in the future. If a yellow acacia blooms, the meeting promises disappointment, bitterness.

Climbing an acacia in a dream is a sign of unexpected road, if you climb a flowering acacia, you will enjoy the journey.

Some dreambooks consider that acacia predicts a long road in dreams.

The Dreambook of the 21st century gives the following explanations. Blooming acacia – is a harbinger of good luck, unexpected joy or success in business, white acacia portends some kind of surprise.

Sitting under an acacia – means good news or a pleasant meeting awaits you. For lovers, such a dream promises a coming and happy marriage.

Walking along a long alley of acacias – means you can get into a mess or get in trouble because of a tempting offer. After such a dream, be careful when making responsible decisions.

Seeing a flowering acacia with green leaves - for the sick it means their health is on the mend.

The foliage is absent on the acacia – no matter how you feel, you need to take care of your health.

The Persian dreambook considers acacia a symbol of pure love and tenderness.

If an acacia appeared in your dream at the wrong time of the year for its flowering, this means you will have a quarrel with a loved one because of your frivolous behavior.

Seeing an acacia without flowers is a sign of deceived hopes, grief and nervous breakdown.

If the acacia tree is broken (or cut down) – this means a romantic break, unexpected sad news. The meaning of the dream is enhanced if the acacia is in bloom, and you remember its smell in a dream.

Smelling acacia in a dream promises a romantic date in waking life.

According to Sigmund Freud, the yellow acacia, like any shrub, is a symbolic image of the hairline on the (female) genitals. If you were attracted by the flowers of the bush, you will soon meet a partner experienced in sex. If you are interested in acacia pods, then you are more into the joy of same-sex sex.

If you cut, pluck or break off the branches of an acacia, this means you prefer to engage in self-satisfaction. The thorns on the acacia are a typical phallic symbol.

So the acacia is a complex sexual symbol, and switching attention from one part of the acacia to another may indicate the sleeping person's bisexuality, Freud thought.

Sergii Haranenko

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