Sitting Dream Meaning

Dreams in which a person sits on something are very common. And this is not surprising, we are sitting very often during our lifetime, and sometimes we choose places for this that are far from the most predictable. Let’s try figuring out what this process means in a dream, and what the dream books will tell us, taking into account the place and company seen.

    It happens that a person absolutely does not remember the whole dream, but he remembers one moment very clearly. For such cases, there are brief interpretations. Of course, they do not give full answers, but it is still possible to understand what one should be prepared for. So, if you are sitting in a dream:
  • Sitting on the ground or grass - success in business.
  • Sitting in a puddle - making mistakes.
  • Sitting on the pot - vain money waste.
  • Squatting - your problems are far-fetched.
  • Sitting on the bank of the river - dreaming about traveling.
  • Sitting near the president - the beginning of a successful period.
  • Sitting high on the ladder or on the stairs - promotion.
  • Sitting next to a loved one on the cemetery - means a quarrel with him.
  • Sitting in a wheelchair - a nervous or physical exhaustion, illness.
  • Sitting on the stone - you are looking forward to some important event.
  • Sitting on a bench - a friendly gathering.

Sitting on a throne in a church, according to Miller’s dream book, means being admitted universally. But sitting in a coffin or on a grave - means repentance due to the commission of stupid acts.

Being in a restaurant means someone is offended by you, and it’s not justified.

If you dreamed that you were sitting on a horse, success awaits you. A speedy meeting with a lover promises a dream in which the girl perched on the back of a man or in his arms.

Well, sitting on the window is a sign of a dangerous event.

The dream in which the dreamer sat on concrete or cement, speaks of confidence in his rightness, the Eastern Dream Book states. And if you dream that you are sitting in a pit, then you should prepare yourself mentally for loneliness.

The interpretation of the dream in which the dreamer sees himself sitting on a mountain or on a slope, but at high altitude, will please you, as it means the fulfillment of desires. But to be sitting on the fence predicts vain expectations.

Dizzying success awaits the one who dreamed that he was sitting on the seashore at high altitude relative to its level. And if you dream that he sat on the dome of a tall building, this means futile efforts.

Seeing yourself sitting on the couch – is a sign of career changes: on the new couch – means promotion; on a shabby one - beware of dismissal, the Moon Dream Book warns. More about career changes can suggest a dream in which you perched on the windowsill. Sitting on the windowsill, legs dangling outside - means you are ready for anything for promotion, and if a man is sitting next to you on the windowsill, this means you have a competitor.

Sitting on the floor by the door in a dream is a prediction of need. And if you dreamed that you sat down on the floor, and your spouse is sitting next to you in an armchair, it is he who will bring the main income. Seeing yourself sitting in a bathtub in the water - predicts cheerfulness and loving your home.

Is there a dream in which you are hiding sitting in a closet? According to the Gypsy dream book this means secrets that no one knows about. But sitting on the bed, according to the same dream book, means laziness.

Did you have a dream that you were sitting in a cafe? You will have a meeting with the person whom you offended. And sitting on the lesson, in turn, means gaining new knowledge that will help get rid of trouble. Did you have dream of sitting in a movie theater? You will hesitate for a long time before making a decision, the Female Dream Book predicts.

An interesting interpretation is given by the Slavic dream book of sitting in the toilet: if the toilet is clean and tidy, it is a symbol of solving financial problems, but if the toilet is very dirty and stinks, money problems cannot be avoided.

If dreamed that you were locked in the basement – this means barriers; but hiding under the bridge is a sign that you are not solving your problems, but ignoring them, Pastor Loff's dream book says.

If you had a dream that you were resting on the roof of the house in the company of a man, expect enchanting success with the opposite sex. If you were on the roof with the guy you hate - in reality, he will offer you reconciliation. And if you dream that you crouched on the roof at the very edge of it, and your beloved guy is sitting behind - perhaps he is not faithful to you.

Sitting on a bench with a man in a dream – is a symbol of date. And if you sit on his shoulders or on his neck, this means this person is ready for a lot of things for you, Vanga's dream book prophesies. Climb the neck to the enemy – means defeating him.

Do you have a dream that you are sitting on a plane that cannot take off? You will have to go on a business trip to resolve problems. But to be on a plane gaining altitude is a symbol of pleasant, albeit unexpected trip.

A ride on a bus or tram promises a dreamer a fun journey. But to see yourself driving a car – means an active holiday away from home.

Sergii Haranenko
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