Snakes Under Your Feet Dream Meaning

Dream interpretation is very versatile explaining what dreams of the snake under your feet mean. An image in a dream warns of dangers such as the intrigues of enemies, characterizes and predicts the situation in the business and personal sphere.

Miller believes that the snakes under your feet are a very tense sign. What the symbol means is connected with the appearance of the negative. Its sources can be people, circumstances, and the dark thoughts of the dreamer himself.

If you dreamed about a number of snakes tangled in a ball under your feet, the interpreter Vanga believes that the dreamer has many envious persons in reality.

If the snakes in your dream were cute, Dr. Freud believes that you are ready to enjoy innovations in intimate life. Fright in a dream indicates problems in an intimate sphere as a whole or with a certain partner.

Nostradamus believes that you are on the verge of a fall. Lunar dreambook offers to pay attention to your physical health.

Seeing a ball of snakes on your legs, this is a sign that you will have to deal with very unpleasant people. The friendliness and respectfulness of the sleeper will help correct tensions and build mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you see a lot of snakes from a safe distance in a dream, the dream book notes a state of increased anxiety. Not being able to follow your path because of fear of vipers happens to those who lose to competitors in reality.

    The dreambooks give interpretations of plots about snakes under one’s feet depending on their coloring:
  • Spotted snakes can be seen by those who wish to have more attention;
  • If you dreamed of black and grey snakes, this means that generosity will lead to financial collapse;
  • If red snakes got into your house in a dream, beware of robbery on the street;
  • Red adders in grass can be seen before a pleasant trip;
  • Dark-blue snakes under your feet mean that luck is on your side;
  • Blue snakes mean that someone will definitely listen to your words.

Islamic dreambooks surprisingly positively interpret what dreams of snakes under your feet in your own home means. The symbol promises an unexpected strengthening of social status, power and wealth. The image also means the blessing and protection of higher powers. If in a dream you had a chance to see snakes under your feet in other person’s house, someone from your friends and relatives intends to destroy your family.

The bite of one or several creeping reptiles in a dream means the machinations of ill-wishers in the business sphere. If you do not take action in advance, their actions in fact can seriously harm you.

If you dreamed of a ball of snakes biting each other, you risk inadvertently offending a person you like. When a relative is bitten, the family problem is to be solved.

If a man saw snakes under his feet in public place with many people, this means he will have an erotic adventure with an unfamiliar woman. Women will have a new acquaintance that will help improve her financial situation. Students will pass the coming exams.

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Sergii Haranenko
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