Amethyst Dream Meaning

What is amethyst spiritual meaning in dreams? Amethyst in dreams is a fairly iconic symbol, having both mystical and more mundane meanings.

Esotericists believe that this gem is able to clarify the mind and free from resentment. This is a sign of spiritual purity and wisdom, as well as the accumulation of light energy.

What does it mean if you dreamed of amethyst? This is a sign that you need an experienced patron or an intelligent teacher. This gem can be seen before special events that seem strange and even mystical. But they will change your future significantly.

A more mundane interpretation of the dream is as follows: in reality you will experience satisfaction from a job well and honestly done.

Do the sun rays shine through the amethyst, creating a wondrous aura of soft light? Dream Interpretation of Medea believes that there will be a lot of work, the competent execution of which will be closely monitored by the public.

Have you ever seen a whole box filled with precious crystals? This means that in your soul there is a close attachment to a certain person.

Did you dream of a whole scattering of amethyst gems? Things and problems will suddenly fall on you, but you will cope with them successfully. If you dreamed of a rather unusual crystal, this is a sign that you are destined for a blow of fate.

Seeing a huge number of amethyst gems in a dream predicts a long-distance business trip or a trip to another country.

A broken amethyst crystal in a dream predicts a breakup with your significant other. If there is a clear understanding that the amethyst in a dream is fake, get ready for deception and falsehood.

    The way in which you got the amethyst into your possession is of particular importance in dreams:
  • finding an amethyst - unexpected luck;
  • stealing amethysts - temptation;
  • buying an amethyst - well-being;
  • receiving gems as a gift - a threat to the current situation;
  • inheriting amethysts - gaining strength, knowledge.

It is bad to lose an amethyst in a dream. This means that in reality you will get sick. But it is even worse, if you dreamed that you voluntarily sold this gem. Of course, you will improve your financial situation in the real world, but you will lose something more valuable - namely, the ability to see and understand what is closed from others.

Did you dream of an amethyst ring? This is a symbol of the fulfillment of your plans. If in a dream an unknown person gave you an amethyst ring, we advise you to beware of a new person, whose appearance will bring confusion into your life.

If a girl lost an amethyst ring in a dream, she can forget about the wedding. For any other dreamer, the loss of such jewelry literally means the loss of a fortune or the trust of a loved one.

If in a dream you happened to wear jewelry with amethyst, you are guaranteed to have the attention of others.

But trying on amethyst earrings is good only for women. Miss Hasse's dream book promises the fulfillment of a desire associated with love.

Did you dream of broken amethyst earrings? Be wise and pay less attention to bad rumors and gossip of envious girlfriends.

Gustav Miller considers an amethyst in a dream to be a sure sign of getting a high position and general well-being.

Sergii Haranenko
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