Beaver Dream Meaning

Animals that we see in our dreams can cause quite different emotions: fear, tenderness, disgust or sympathy. A big part of dream interpretation depends on the animal’s mood. Dreams with a beaver are usually explained as positive ones. Some dreambooks are sure that a beaver in a dream is a symbol of financial prosperity; your stamina and diligence will help increase your profit. Fortune and good luck will also play not the last role in your progress. Try not to waste signs given by fate.

Seeing a dream that the beaver has thick healthy fur is a favorable sign promising wealth. A Modern dreambook is sure that you will manage to become a rich and respected person. But you will not be able to reach such success alone, you will need your friends’ help. Getting on the peak, do not forget about those who were next you when you were climbing there.

If you were trading beaver fur in your dream, this is a sign that all the efforts that you’ve made will be paid off with a vengeance. If the dream trading didn’t bring the results that you expected, this is a sign that your work and efforts will be in vain. Maybe now is the best time to change the vector of your work.

If you had a dream about catching and then killing beavers, you will be able to get attention and respect of a powerful person. A Modern dreambook advises using the new acquaintance for achieving your ambitious goal. It will be much easier to get what you wanted with such strong support and help. An Autumn dreambook considers that attacking beavers in a dream is a very unfavorable sign. You will be soon accused of fraud and you will have to acquit yourself in actions you never did. If you had such a dream, you should definitely think about your mistakes. If you are able to prevent negative outcome, be sure to do this.

If the beaver in your dream attacked and bit you painfully, you can expect betrayal. According to Miller, this betrayal will come from the person you expect less of all. Biting beavers represent your enemies. Killing aggressive animals is a sign of complete victory over your ill-wishers. If you had a dream about a fat beaver sitting on your knees and biting you, this is a symbol of quarrel with some officer. If the animal first bit you and then made you pet him, this means you will be able to find a common language with the civil servant and solve your issue.

If the beavers were swimming carelessly in the water, this symbol states there is nothing you should worry about. Your goals will be fulfilling with success. If the animals were swimming in dirty water, you will lose your sources of income. If you saw a mother-beaver with her children in clear water, this is a sign that you will find new sources of financial gains. The dream interpretation predicts opening of new horizons and opportunities.
Sergii Haranenko
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