Raft Dream Meaning

    The dream explanation of the raft itself gives several interpretations. To dream about a raft on water means:
  • An exciting journey and a pleasant stay.
  • A risky act with serious consequences.
  • The temptation, which will bring benefits and loss of reputation.
  • Some precarious position and danger.

Choosing the right interpretation one should taking into account the current state of affairs and one's own intuition.

Miller's dream book offers the following interpretation of a dream about raft. If you dreamed that you were rafting and reached your destination, then in reality you will change your place of residence to participate in a certain enterprise and you will certainly achieve success.

What else does the float mean in night dreams? Dream Interpretation believes that it depends on your actions in a dream. So to see a wooden raft on the water – is a sign of difficulties that can only be overcome together with loved ones.

Sailing on a float in a dream is symbol of new business that will bring profit and success. If, during sailing, the raft fell apart right on the water, then there is a chance of an accident with a loved one. In a dream, did you personally assemble a raft of logs? This guarantees a promotion.

A pond where you had a chance to sail and its condition will help to understand what the raft means in a dream. If you rafted down the river, be sure to remember what it was like.

A calm and clean river portends happiness and great love, for sick people it promises recovery, and for families - prosperity. But the muddy river promises quarrels and disagreements, losses and poor health. Too stormy stream conveys the transience of life, and a small one promises some worries.

If you dreamed that you were lucky to sail across the ocean on a raft, then you need to consider the decoding of this element. The ocean symbolizes the dreamer's life. However, in order to more accurately interpret what such a dream means, a dream book recommends considering who saw it.

So the ocean promises profitable deals to businessmen, to creative people it brings fame, for lovers - reciprocity, for family people - prosperity and harmony, and for mystics - knowledge. But all this is true if the water surface was exceptionally quiet and calm.

In the same way, a dream book advises you to do it if you dreamed that you had to sail on a raft in the sea. A calm sea surface predicts joy, a stormy sea symbolizes anxiety.

If in a dream you ventured to swim in the sea on a raft in a strong storm, this means you will get freedom after a noisy divorce process.

And finally, the dream book makes gives the interpretation of what the dam means in a dream. This element can be interpreted both literally and in a symbolic sense.

If it was a dream that the dam spontaneously collapsed, then in reality one should expect both floods and a surge of long-held emotions. Such a dream often means any kind of danger that comes from outside.

On the other hand, the dam marks obstacles for lovers, and for women, even the appearance of a rival. But personally building a dam in night dreams is very good. This means that you are protected from troubles and problems.

Sergii Haranenko
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