Stroking Dream Meaning

Why do you dream about caressing someone? The dream about stroking someone has many interpretations - from favorable to warning, because the action applies to both household things, and people, animals. Dream Interpretations come from the accompanying details explaining its meaning in a dream.

What does it means for a girl to dream of petting a polar bear? Dream Interpretation informs: her wedding will take place soon. For other people the vision bodes good health. Stroking a brown bear – means the dreamer will have some simple joys, pleasures.

Petting a turtle in a dream is a harbinger of a long happy life. Stroking big fish in a dream promises success, quick profit. In general, living fish means prosperity, and for the ladies it promises a happy marriage, pregnancy.

Stroking a white horse in a dream promises a woman an acquaintance with a future lover. Petting a brown horse means dreaming of starting a family.

Did you have a chance to stroke a horse while sitting in the saddle? This dream means you will find a way out of the predicament, even with profit. Were you petting it while standing near the horse? The sleeper feels the need to take care of someone.

What it means if you stroke a bird in a dream? If you were petting a bird in a dream - a period of constant success awaits you, the dreamer will tame luck! Did you have a chance to stroke an owl? The dream book predicts the acquisition of worldly wisdom and complete success. To pet a crow in a dream means that harmony and mutual understanding will reign at home. Caressing a dove – means peace and tranquility in the family.

Why do you dream of stroking a killer whale? To achieve the goal, you should make more efforts, as well as get rid of the fear of failure. Petting a shark in a dream – means intrigues of enemies will turn to the dreamer's benefit. Petting a whale is a symbol of opportunity to get enriched.

Petting a pig in a dream – means to flatter the pride of others. If you were petting a goat - a dream book warns that you will get a life lesson; it will be not too pleasant, but on the other hand, it is still an experience.

If you were stroking a red chicken in a dream, you will regret your own actions. If it was a goose that you stroke - a dream book informs you will be disappointed in your expectations.

If you dreamed of seeing and stroking a white mouse – this image means the dreamer does not like his place in life, he wants changes, but without the application of effort. Caressing a white rat in a dream is a symbol of possible betrayal. Petting a snake in a dream means that the execution of some whim will provoke a dangerous situation.

    Why do you dream of pet stroking? The dream interpretation gives the following brief explanations:
  • a cat - underestimating circumstances that will become an obstacle;
  • a black cat - the dreamer will suffer from people with whom he did not previously conflict;
  • a white cat - there will be obstacles, you have to look for another way to your goal;
  • a rabbit - a woman will soon meet true love;
  • a deer - there will be some benefit, perhaps not monetary;
  • a cow - due to the intuition of the sleeping person, things will go well;
  • a fox - meeting an interesting but cunning person;
  • a gray wolf - the dreamer will be able to defeat the enemy;
  • a horse - according to the dream book, confession, glory is ahead;
  • a bull - desire to make peace with the offender;
  • an elephant - portends a woman intimate relationship;
  • a camel - the dreamer is ready to throw off the burden that he has borne for a long time;
  • a hippo - the desire for reliability, stability will be rewarded;
  • a giraffe - success in all endeavors.
    What does it mean to pet cute animals younglings and little cubs in a dream?
  • a kitten - deceived hopes;
  • a little hedgehog – the dreamer’s insularity;
  • a puppy - emotional worries are coming;
  • a guinea pig - getting a decent wage for labor, profits from business;
  • a little red squirrel - family joys, well-being;
  • a baby-deer - the emergence of new reliable friends;
  • a foal - a dream book indicates good luck in heart affairs;
  • a calf - the dreamer will commit a frivolous act;
  • a baby elephant - portends a young lover to a lady;
  • a little bear - the sleeping person can count the moves ahead;
  • just a small animal - things will work out well.

Also the interpretation of a dream about stroking a kitten means: a person whom you have not seen for a long time wants to visit you. If a lady sees and caresses the white fluffy kitten in a dream, this plot promises a cunning trap, but she will avoid trouble.

Why do you dream of stroking a hedgehog without feeling how his needles are pricking? The Dream Interpretation warns you that you will evaluate someone incorrectly.

    What it means if you a chance to pet dangerous predators in a dream?
  • petting a lion - favor, patronage of influential persons;
  • a lioness - according to the dream book, a woman has to fight with a dangerous rival;
  • a lion cub - the protection of elders;
  • a tiger - attempts to resolve the conflict in your personal life;
  • a tiger cub - the dreamer will flatter his boss;
  • a leopard - the desire to calm a person whom the sleeping person does not trust;
  • a panther - unexpected, but good news;
  • a lynx - the dreamer has nothing to fear in reality, because he is a purposeful, strong personality;
  • a crocodile - you can not give in to emotions, you need to be guided by reason.

Also stroking a tiger in a dream means coping with your negative emotions, taming your animal instincts.

Why dream of stroking a person on the cheek? If a wife strokes her husband’s cheek in a dream, this means she will be jealous. Stroking your boyfriend on the cheek – means you need to pay more attention to him, as you may lose him.

What it means if a man ad woman are stroking each other in a dream? Stroking man’s hair in a dream promises a woman well-being in love. If it was the back of your beloved man that you were caressing, this means understanding and harmony in relations.

Did you have a dream about a man stroking your lips? This image means he wants to have oral sex with you. If an unfamiliar guy was stroking your breasts in a dream, according to the dream book, this means you want him to pay more attention to you. It he was stroking your feet – he will be interested in you. Caressing your knees – is a sign that he is not averse to trying intimate caresses with you.

Why does a young man dream of stroking a girl's face? He will admit his feelings to her. Caressing the lady’s hair means the hope of pleasure. If a man dreams about stroking a girl’s back – this means she will not push away his courtship. If a man is stroking the girl’s hands - wants to communicate with her more often. If it was her palm – this means he would like to establish sexual contact with the lady.

Did a woman stroke the face of a former lover in a dream? This means a desire to renew the relationship. If she was stroking the hairy leg of a man - she will show initiative in sex.

Did you dream of stroking the pregnant woman’s belly? The image promises a long-awaited journey and possibly pleasant career chores. Stroking the belly seen by a pregnant woman – means material well-being.

What is the meaning of a dream of stroking a dead man’s cheek? The dream interpretation portends a disease. Stroking the deceased on the shoulder – means getting rid of your fears. Caressing the hair of a dead man is a sign of a serious injustice.

Sergii Haranenko
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