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Period Dream Meaning And Symbolism

What does dream about period mean? Habitual and everyday phenomena, which in real life do not cause us any surprise or unnecessary emotions, change their meanings in the world of dreams - after all, everything here is arranged according to its own laws. Blood, for example, in general does not symbolize something creepy or scary, especially when it comes to the natural female cycle, which is familiar to absolutely every girl and woman. But it is one thing to experience "that time" every month in reality, and another one is to dream about getting period. Such a dream can cause a lot of anxiety, because blood is a powerful symbol and will not appear in a dream just like that, for no reason.

It is worth finding out what menstruation means in dreams and what to expect after such a vision. Before you figure out why blood, menstruation, and so on, which is associated with the female menstrual cycle, appears in a dream, it will be useful to recall the details of the dream and take them into account. Namely, how much blood was there, where it was, and even what emotions you experienced in a dream. This is also extremely important.

    The most common dream about period usually looks like this:
  • Menstruation can be abundant or scarce.
  • When you dream that your periods came unexpectedly.
  • Blood from menstruation flows down the legs.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of menstruation.
  • In a dream, you accidentally stained your clothes or furniture with period blood.
  • You saw feminine hygiene products in the blood.
  • You are expecting for your period, but it doesn't come.

As the dream book shows, menstruation often symbolizes female strength, energy, and, accordingly, its loss. But a lot depends on the conditions of the dream.

Girls who see menstruation starting in a dream can be expecting their important plans to come true. In this interpretation menstrual blood symbolizes brilliant ideas of the dreamer. According to Miller, if a pregnant woman sees her menstruation, she can not worry about the delivery process, everything will go smoothly. Besides that, the dreambook states that the child who will be born will have some special talents and abilities.

A woman who has married not a long time ago, should be expecting pregnancy soon if she saw a dream about her period. Miller’s dreambook warns unmarried girls who saw dreams about menstruation, about health problems in intimate sphere.

For a single girl, dreaming of menstruation is fraught with health problems. It will not turn out too well for a sick person of any gender: in this case, the dream about menstruation is considered a harbinger of a serious illness, for which you may have to "shed blood" - to resort to surgery.

If you dream of heavy period bleeding, this means that there is probably some threat of loss in the future. Moreover, most likely, we are not talking about something material. Menstruation symbolizes strength and energy, which means there is a risk of either losing faith in recovery or in yourself. Or maybe you are at risk of losing some relationship, and this can seriously break you. This dream is a warning - be careful.

If in your dreams you notice that you are not just having menstruation, but that blood is flowing down your legs, this is a warning. Some rash action, a wrong step on your part can directly lead to very negative, irreparable consequences for you. While there is time, consider whether it is possible to avoid a wrong step, and bad consequences, accordingly.

    Other dreambooks give the interpretations of these dreams depending on the details of the image:
  • menstruation had unusual color – you will have a non-standard situation;
  • the cycle started earlier – the dream indicates the dreamer’s hastiness;
  • period blood running down your legs – you are not prepared for the coming changes;
  • you saw yourself in a bloody puddle in a dream – you will have a lot of stress in reality;
  • periods started on public – beware of gossip.

When period doesn't come on time, this is huge stress in reality. But if you are not having your period in a dream, this is a sign that during a difficult situation, in troubles and problems, you will not have to rely on anyone. For some reason you will not be able to get help from anyone from your own family and relatives. However, this is a chance to show your own strength, independence, and maybe resort to the support of friends.

What is the menstruation dream meaning for man? A man who saw that he has menstruation, is warned about being too curious. Sometimes this dream is interpreted that the man is incapable to decide some issues. If a man saw a bloody stain on women’s underwear, should be prepared for disagreements with a woman.

What does it mean when you dream about your period and when you also managed to stain clothes or furniture with blood? This promises you some kind of awkward situation in reality, shame, exposure. Perhaps your conscience is not completely clear, you harbor bad thoughts, and this will be revealed in the worst way for you. Think hard.

The Japanese dream book advises ladies to be wary of dreams in which another person's clothes were stained with blood. It is highly likely that one careless word spoken in passion will forever separate you from the participant in the dream.

If a man sees that his beloved has period this dream can indicate that their relations are staring to cool up. According to Freud, a man’s dream about period indicates the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with his intimate life. As for women seeing periods, Freud recommends to be more prompt in order not miss opportunities.

What does a dream about getting your period mean? Dreams about menstruation can bring pleasant surprises for a pregnant dreamer. Dreams on early stages of pregnancy reflect worries of the woman about her child’s health. Clothes, blurred with menstrual blood, promise a full and interesting life. If your bed clothes were blurred with blood, you should stay alert, someone will try to deceive you and use in his own interests.

Some dreambooks consider dreams about periods as reflection of some serious obstacles. Maybe an unpleasant event will intervene with a girl’s plans to meet with her beloved and this will distance them from each other. A dream about menstruation has a negative taste for an old lady-dreamer. But she will soon understand that the events that took place in her life recently, in general had positive influence on her life. Heavy bleeding during periods can bring improvement of financial situation.

Menstruation in women is associated not only with unpleasant sensations, but also with personal hygiene products. If they appeared in your dream, and even were full of menstrual blood, this is a hint that you are prying your curious nose into something that is completely none of your business, you are doing what you are not supposed to. This is a direct warning from higher powers - do not meddle in someone else's life, behave with dignity, otherwise the consequences cannot be avoided.

Menstrual blood on the pad indicates a person's increased interest in someone else's privacy. If you don't want to get a reputation as an inveterate gossip girl, learn how to keep curiosity in check. And it is better to take care of the arrangement of your personal life, the dream assures that you do not have it.

Miller's dream book claims that dreaming of a woman on her period, losing blood, means that in reality you will have to sacrifice something. But the sacrifice, however, will not be empty. Dream Interpretation by Vanga confidently says that if you are dreaming of getting your period, it means that in waking life the woman committed (or soon risks committing) a certain offense, a wrong step, and she will regret it later.

The Eastern Women's Dream Book simply advises you to take care of your health properly when you dream about period. Because, according to this dream book, menstruation in a dream promises illness and loss of energy for a woman.

The French dream book promises a meeting with relatives when you have periods in dream. But whether this meeting will be pleasant, or not very nice, you can decide by remembering your feelings in a dream.

How much do you know about signs and superstitions about menstruation?

The ancient Persian dream book says: beware of unexpected turns of fate. If changing circumstances force you to act quickly, there is great risk of panic and making a fatal mistake.

The Islamic dream book indicates: if a woman dreams of menstruation, it means that her thoughts are in confusion, and she herself is in sin. You should consider your behavior and understand exactly where you stumbled. Fortunately, there are two good meanings of period in dream. If in her dream the dreamer managed to wash herself, it means that she will be able to cleanse herself of what she had done and avoid the negative consequences of her actions. And if an infertile woman dreams of menstruation, this means she is destined to become pregnant and give birth to many children.

Elderly people of both genders who see "that time of the month" in a dream can expect good health and happiness, and sometimes moving to a new place of residence.

Most interpreters see direct connection between the amount of blood in a dream and the importance of the predicted events. Clearly visible dark blood clots are interpreted as illness, loss of money, work or personal troubles, and other negative events. Although with the same probability it may turn out that in a dream, pictures of real menstruation simply surfaced in your memory, for which such a phenomenon is usual.

If you dream that your period began during sex with your loved one, beware of the "black cat" that can run between you and your partner. More generally - for example, when a stranger or a random person acts as a sex partner - a dream warns of an attempt to use you.

If a man sees a dream that he has period, then, most likely, losses should be expected. This can be both material loss and the loss of a relationship with a loved one. Watch your behavior and do not create provocative situations. On the other hand, looking into a dream book, menstruation brings purification from the unnecessary, obsolete and burdening your health. Still, it should be analyzed - maybe the benefits at stake are not so important?

Sergii Haranenko

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