Pool Of Blood Dream Meaning

If you have a meeting with relatives, a pool of blood will certainly appear in a dream. Dreambook of Vanga, explaining why there is bloodshed, speaks of the double meaning of the symbol. Sometimes a dream means a loss of reputation, a moral decline. However, more often interpreters tend to point out joyful moments.

    The seen image of blood puddle is compared with the loss of vitality, energy. It is extremely rare for soothsayers to hint at the departure of loved ones. The dream books of famous psychologists describe in their own way what a pool of blood means in a dream:
  • on the floor near a dead body - means receiving important information;
  • on the ground - the opportunity to gain new experience;
  • blood flows from you - an energy-intensive business is planned;
  • to step into blood pool, or get dirty - means to commit an indecent act;
  • around friends, relatives - building good relationships.

Be sure to remember what feelings you experienced in a dream. If the plot was accompanied by pain, bitterness, most likely, a period of restructuring of thinking, reappraisal of values is coming. Breaking indicates separation from stereotypes, complexes.

Loff's dream book, explaining why the pool of blood is seen in a dream, promises spiritual kinship with the people you saw in the dream. It will be enough to look at a loved one through the prism of a new worldview. To find a soul mate suddenly is rejoicing and joyful. Do not stop working on relationships and no envious people can set you apart.

Seeing a pool of blood in a dream and not feeling anything at the same time is not always good. It is even worse, if the stain around was viscous, unpleasant to the touch. Nostradamus insists that loneliness looms ahead. Weakened health will have to be urgently restored by abandoning important projects. In addition to physical exhaustion, disruptions in the functioning of the nervous system are likely. Experts recommend urgently finding time for a good rest.

If you dream of a pool of blood that cannot be walked around or jumped over, try not to commit rash acts. Any rash move can bring a lot of disappointment in the future.

Dream book of Veles warns that you can lose your reputation very easily. But it will take years to restore an honest name. In addition, the dreamer's career, family budget and, in general, personal life may suffer.

What does a pool of blood on the ground mean in a dream, is well described by the psychologist Tsvetkov. In his opinion, this is a very, very positive sign. Upcoming events will turn into joyful meetings, gala evenings.

Women's dream book promises a lot of pleasant moments for housewives, couples. Suddenly, guests will come from far away, whom you will be glad to see at any time of the year. A large family will finally reunite, the children will meet with their parents, and couples in love will never part for a long time.

A bleeding dead man in a dream also carries good news. For businessmen the interpreters predict the signing of a bargain. Creative people will have a period of recognition. People working on a bulky project will see the results of their own fruits. This will be expressed in cash bonuses, dividends.

Sergii Haranenko
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