Blue Eyes Dream Meaning

Dream Interpretation indicates that the symbol of blue eyes means failures, intrigues of enemies, gossip, harm due to your own indecision. But also the plot in a dream promises the success of the upcoming undertakings, the flow of important information, a journey.

If you happened to see blue eyes in a dream, this is a sign proving that ill wishers spread gossip about you, and you do not oppose them because of your own gullibility and sincerity.

Shiny blue eyes of someone unknown who watches you carefully in a dream predict that you should be more careful with your business because difficulties are quite possible.

Seeing the baby’s blue eyes means you will soon show tenderness or become the object of someone's tenderness. Your family and relatives will surround you with love and care.

The look of blue eyes seen in a dream warns about some failure because of the dreamer’s extreme shyness.

If you saw big beautiful blue eyes in a dream, this means you will receive some important information or a gift.

Looking into blue eyes but not seeing the face is a symbol of protection of the highest powers; the dreamer will be successful in his projects.

Seeing bright-blue man’s eyes in a dream means that you notice the people’s look first of all not paying attention to their inner world; this often leads to mistakes in assessment.

The interpretation of a dream about blue-eyed man is quite favorable – you will find a new friend who will become your soul mate. A man with blue eyes in a dream can also be a promise of a trip and getting great impressions.

Seeing a brunet with blue eyes means love adventure for women and emergence of like-minded, faithful ally for men.

A child with blue eyes in a dream promises good news and a rest from the troubles in business sphere. If it is a little girl with blue eyes, the dreambooks predict that you will solve the problem as soon as you understand its nature. Giving birth to a girl with blue eyes is a sign that you can start a new business: luck will smile, despite all the hindrances.

    The dreambooks interpret such images depending on whom you saw with blue eyes in your dream:
  • Young girl - be careful: some people are envious;
  • Young man - new meetings and romantic adventures;
  • Little girl - unexpected support;
  • Little boy - new chores, big responsibility;
  • Baby - positive changes will begin;
  • Kitten - someone's insincere behavior.

What dreams of a white kitten with blue eyes, who runs after the dreamer and meows loudly mean? Dream Interpretation warns: you will have some failures soon.

If you dreamed of a cat that watched you with its blue eyes this is a sign that there is a certain tension in relations with colleagues, acquaintances. Perhaps they hide some important information from you. If a cat with blue eyes looked at you this can also mean that you will be able to find an excellent solution for a difficult situation.

Seeing yourself with blue eyes means that your management will appreciate your diligence at work and will increase salary or appoint to a higher position.

Seeing your eyes become blue means receiving some information that will help you realize your plans.

If you saw azure color of your own eyes in a dream, though they are of another color in reality, means that it's time to overcome your indecision, otherwise more nimble competitors will get you around.

Seeing women with blue eyes in a dream is an unfavorable sign. Your enemies will start spreading gossip trying to hurt you. If these were blondes - pleasant activities will turn into failures.

A black dog with blue eyes represents high possibility of betrayal.

If you dreamed of blue-eyed gray chickens that are a little grown up and began to fledge, you will be able to implement new initiatives, but will have to put a lot of effort.

Itchy eyes omens and beliefs.

Sergii Haranenko
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