Broken Cross Dream Meaning

A broken cross in a dream is a very bad sign promising a loss of faith or protection. However it also suggests that some prohibitions have been taken off.

Initially, the cross is a symbol of the balance of opposites. This is the ladder through which man can ascend to God. It protects from evil, and evil intentions. Seeing it broken is bad anyway. In the real world you will lose any opportunity to approach the divine essence, to protect yourself from your own evil thoughts or influence from outside.

Crucifixion is also associated with perseverance and courage, which make it possible to endure suffering and life tests. Dream interpretation suspects that you do not have enough strength to resist. At the same time, a broken symbol of faith gives an eloquent hint in a dream: if you decide to carry out your plans, you will find yourself in a very difficult position.

If you saw a dream about a curved crucifix, this means that some misfortune is coming. If you saw a person holding a broken cross in his hands, such plot means you will show concern for others, take part in charity, but you will receive only ingratitude and reproaches in return.

A broken crusifix in dreams is also a sign of the end, oblivion, breaking of ties or relationships. To dream of a broken cross in the hands of others means that people will treat you with disdain. The people on whom your success depends will simply turn away.

If someone gave you a broken cross as a present, you will have a number of obstacles and problems in real life.

If you broke the cross yourself, this means you will decide to finish the job at any cost.

    Real-life omens about losing a cross:
  • Interpreters say that a torn chain or thread with a cross is a sign of evil eye directed at you or another negative that the pectoral cross took upon itself. The negative impact was so strong that the thread could not stand it and burst.
  • Others believe that the cross is lost at the one who committed a great sin, perhaps even out of ignorance, without intent. It is necessary to analyze your actions in recent times and, if among them there really are acts that can be misinterpreted, you should visit a church.
  • Still others are of the opinion that the loss of a cross promises major troubles of all kinds: conflicts in the family, problems at work or with health.
  • When an elderly person breaks a chain or thread, then the sign of a lost cross is interpreted in two ways, depending on the position of the owner. It is usually believed that the last years of a person will pass in solitude and lack of money. However, if a person is already in extremely difficult circumstances, then the sign of "losing the cross" takes on a different meaning. The event is seen as a sign from God, who will soon ease the burden, that is, the cross of a person will send him help.
  • Superstition advises an unmarried girl who has lost the cross to be careful when choosing a partner: choose not only with your heart, but also with your mind, otherwise you will have a difficult and not too happy marriage.
  • A young man loses a cross - he is waiting for a change in business: professional growth, a change of work, perhaps even a move related to a career.
Sergii Haranenko
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