Shatters Dream Meaning

If you saw shatters and fragments in a dream, this means not everything is as smooth as you would like it in your life. You feel “broken,” and try to hide behind a wall of gibe. Still, interpreting why the broken glassware is seen in a dream, dream books mention the eccentric nature of the dreamer, but the shrapnel wound has a completely different interpretation. Let's try understanding what to expect from such dreams.

    Sometimes we do not remember our dreams after waking up. It is good if at least a small fragment of a dream pops up in our memory. Dream interpretation can easily cope even with a small amount of information, while giving accurate interpretations. So, what to expect if you have dreamed of the following shatters:
  • Tooth splinters - problems with loved ones.
  • Shatters of a mirror - gossip and deception.
  • To take a fragment out of the body - getting rid of troubles.
  • Cleaning up the shatters - victories and achieving goals.
  • If you smashed the glass into small pieces - you are trying to forget the old grievances.
  • Drinking water with fragments of ice - predicts a sore throat.

If you dream about how hundreds of small splinters are piercing your body, you will become the subject of ridicule or nit-picking. And if you dreamed that you walked barefoot and stepped on a fragment from the glass, then in reality you will come across a person, meeting with whom does not bode well.

Did you happen to see a piece of a broken tooth? This is a very bad sign. All visions in which you encounter tooth damage promise problems with loved ones.

If dreamed that a tooth fragment fell out without blood – there will be a quarrel with a friend. A tooth in your mouth has been splintered, bleeds and almost fell out - you are guaranteed to have a conflict with a blood relative. But spitting out a molar that crumbled in your mouth is a sign of a final break, the East Dreambook distresses with its interpretation of a dream.

One can advise observing neutrality in the conflict to someone who in a dream saw fragments of an exploding shell. And if the dreamer fell under the rain from the splinters and received injuries of his face, this dream plot means that someone is envious of him.

The dream about piece of grenade in your leg symbolizes a kind of “set-up” that your competitors can implement. A wound on the face means rumors that will fall on a person. But a splinter in the chest is a symbol of heart disease, both completely clinical as well as caused by love languor. Pulling out a shard – means getting rid of worries.

To collect fragments of a broken mirror in a dream and cutting oneself is a sign of great trouble, the Gypsy dream book prophesies. Collecting any shatters in general and holding them in your hands is already a sign of difficulties, but a broken mirror is the surest warning. Do not neglect it!

Shards of a broken window or chandelier represent difficulties with real perception of something. You look, but you don’t see - this is the interpretation of pastor Loff’s dream book. Broken dishes symbolize everyday difficulties at home. Collecting broken dishes and trying to glue them – is a sign of vain hopes. But smashing the bottles in a dream – predicts a hangover.

Sweeping the floor, freeing it from broken glass, is a symbol of victory. Are you dreaming that you had to sweep your home? You will be able to succeed on your own. Sweeping in a someone else’s house - team work will bring success, predicts Modern Dream Book.

But the Lunar Dream Book, explaining why one is dreaming of cleaning the beach from glass shatters, says that you can achieve success without many efforts.

Sergii Haranenko
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