Broken Nose Dream Meaning

If you happened to see someone else’s or even your own broken nose in a dream, then get ready for difficulties and even serious danger.

In Miller’s dreambook it is noted that a broken nose symbolizes misfortune. If you happened to see an open bone, it means that so-called friends will betray you. Dream Interpretation is sure that the image of broken nose signifies discord in relations with your second half and foreshadows major failures.

Fractures on the faces of other characters in a dream symbolize conflicts and disassembly, which will lead to a complete break between the participants.

A dream about broken nose bridge is a sign that you have to visit a doctor and check your spine.

If you broke the nose in your dream, this plot means that problems are coming that will be the result of your own negligence and inadequate assessment of what is happening.

If you fell and managed to break the nose bridge, the dreamooks think that this image means a party coming that will end up with a scandal and big fight. Besides that such plot means finding out sad news about your acquaintance.

Dream interpretation also suspects that you are overly curious and often interfere in the affairs of others. And one day you will pay in full for your misbehavior.

If someone has broken your nose in a dream, this is a sign of an event that will literally unbalance and make you experience incredible heartache.

If you hit another person and broke his nose, dream interpretation warns that your intervention in the conflict of relatives or friends will eventually lead to the fact that you will quarrel with everyone at once.

If you accidently broke the nose bone without blood, this is a symbol of disappointment in love and experiencing the torment of infidelity. If in a dream it happened to see your broken nose and the blood flowing from it, then the future experiences will leave a deep heart wound. Nasal bleeding also symbolizes the loss of vital energy due to the sequence of minor troubles, annoying relationships and domestic concerns.

Dream Interpretation warns that sometimes this is a sign of big and often unexpected changes. In fact, this is an indication of a turning point, getting rid of illusions, overestimation.

Sergii Haranenko
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