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Interpretation of a dream about broken ring

The ring is a symbol of constancy because the circle is infinite. If you had a dream of a broken wedding ring, it is a sign of betrayal or adultery. You should not give a reason for friends and loved one to doubt your feelings in reality since insecurity can push for treason, Miller’s dream book warns.

If you saw your engagement ring cracked in a dream, this image is a symbol of serious quarrels and misunderstandings between lovers or marriage partners.

If you were breaking a wedding ring with your own hands, such plot predicts illness of your spouse. Wearing a broken ring presented by your spouse for the wedding on a chain hanging around your neck means that despite the problems and difficulties you do not lose hope for a favorable end of the planned event.

To see a broken ring bought at a sale of gold items on your finger - to a quarrel with friends or work colleagues.

Keeping a broken ring as a memory about its giver means you cling to your memory too much, it keeps you from moving forward and living a full life.

If you dreamed of a golden ring with a cracked stone, wait for a series of troubles the Eastern dream book warns.

A dream that you wear a ring with a dropped out stone on your finger - wait for new acquaintances that will bring nothing but problems and troubles with the law.

Wearing a ring that you broke on purpose on your hand, as a tribute to non-standard jewelry means you should take a closer look at your surroundings. It has a “Judas” who wants to ruin your reputation with scandal and provocation.

Finding a broken ring on the road is a sign of gossip, intrigues or scandals. Losing a broken ring means to get rid of the heavy burden of responsibility.

To melt the cracked gold ring into another product means you will easily part with the thoughts that any desires will remain unfulfilled.