Bump Dream Meaning

Did you happen to get a bump in a dream? Did you see a lump on someone’s body? The interpretation of a dream depends on where exactly it appeared: if it’s on your head, this means you will make a serious mistake that will lead to monetary losses. A bump on the forehead, on the contrary, portends profit.

    Also, such a dream vision means:
  • lump on the head - the best result can be a compromise;
  • bump on the forehead - you will soon you will occupy an important position in reality;
  • bump on the back - spiteful villains dissolve the gossip that others believe. You should immediately counteract this;
  • a lump on your hand - you are too suspicious, so in case of difficulties do not give in to panic, get together and soberly assess the circumstances;
  • a bump on the leg - there will be a conflict with business competitors;
  • lump on the neck - illness, some kind of slip, mistake.

If you see in a dream a lump on the head of another person, this means you probably underestimate the mind and abilities of others. Because of this attitude, you will be accused of conceit. A lump on your head – means you demonstrate your erudition too intrusively, annoying other people. You should behave more modestly, otherwise you will provoke unpleasant actions for yourself.

Did you feel growing lumps in your chest in a dream? This means you will soon hear again about what recently caused problems: mistakes, resentments or unpleasant acquaintances.

Dreaming about a tubercle under your skin warns: the dreamer will make a mistake that will have far-reaching consequences.

To fall in a dream and having a bump on your hand, foot or somewhere else means there will some life changes ahead. Perhaps there will be some kind of strong blow that could be the beginning of a streak of failure. You should gather your strength to overcome these temporary difficulties.

Did you dream of a bumpy stomach after a hit? The English Dream Interpretation believes that the dreamer awaits trouble, however, he will overcome them.

Did you happen to accidentally give someone a lump on the body? This image means there will be big problems with colleagues at work. When someone gives you a bump, it promises a quick career advancement.

Sergii Haranenko
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