Carriage Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about carriage? The carriage that you happened to see in a dream, like any other vehicle, means moving towards a goal, striving to complete some business, purposefulness of a person.

    However, in order to understand for sure what the coach represents in a dream, be sure to pay attention to the details. After all, they largely determine the meaning of the plot, dream books suggest.
  • To see a beautiful carriage is a symbol of money.
  • Riding in a rich carriage - happiness.
  • Riding in a broken carriage - means disappointment.
  • Being a coachman in a dream is about a change in life.
  • Falling out of the carriage predicts difficulties in a trip.

Do you dream about a wedding carriage with horses? Rejoice - all sorts of benefits and rewards will "fall" on you.

Riding in a carriage drawn by a skinny white nag – is a symbol of a short illness. But if the carriage was drawn by white horses, sleek and elegant - you can enjoy favorable opportunities.

I dreamed that you were a coachman of the green carriage transporting students of a theatre school? Events subsequent to the dream will inexpressibly surprise and delight you.

Driving the wedding coach in a dream – means you will help someone you care about find his happiness, the Moon Dreambook predicts.

If you want to know what a dream is in which you drive a luxury carriage means, Miss Hasse's dream book provides explanation: you are very upset about how things are going with you. You should change the spleen to optimism, and you will see that everything will change for the better, the medium tells.

Riding in an ambulance coach in a dream – means your illusions interfere with the fulfillment of desires. Stop dreaming of a miracle, take up the fulfilment of mundane hopes and plans, Moonlight Dream Book gives advice.

If you dreamed that you were driving in an open landau with your children – this image predicts a joyful state bordering on excitement.

Seeing yourself sitting in a stagecoach with black horses – predicts troubles with documents, says the dream book of the White Magician. If the horses were white - things will be solved without too much fuss.

If you had a dream that you bought a carriage to live in it – this is a symbol of hard and sleepless work, but the financial side of the issue will make you forget about the inconvenience.

If you had a dream that you purchased a beautiful wedding landau, the interpretation of a dream can be different: if you bought for your own marriage - you will successfully invest your capital; if it was bought to service celebrations - you will receive a favorable job offer.

Buying horse-drawn vehicles with horses on the instructions of your boss, this is a sign of monetary gratitude, and not a small one.

If you had a dream that you had to live in an old coach in a landfill, you should be extremely careful in your actions, you can be injured, Medea’s dream book warns.

Do you want to understand what a dream means in which you raced in a burning chariot with white horses? Such a vision signals the possibility of catching a strong cold with fever and high temperature.

There is a bad interpretation of the night dream about how you are trying to stop the mare that bolted and got out of control: beware of accidents on the road. And if it was harnessed to a cart with children – you should take care of your offspring.

Sergii Haranenko
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