Number 6 Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see or hear number six in your dream? Number 6 mentioned in a dream usually predicts difficulties in communication with people close to you and may mean problems in personal life. At the same time the following dream predicts taking the right decision or a period of calmness.

    Top-5 negative meanings of number 6 mentioned in a dream:
  • The red number 6 in dreams is a sign of exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  • Black number six - means sadness and tears.
  • Three numbers six (three sixes) - is a sign you may commit a mean act.
  • Erasing the number 6 in a dream - means dissatisfaction with your appearance.
  • Pronouncing number six in a dream - predicts financial problems.
    Top-5 positive dreams about number 6:
  • The big number 6 in dreams is a symbol of achieving the goal.
  • A glowing number 6 - means the implementation of a creative idea.
  • Seeing six on the clock - receiving an expensive gift.
  • 6 in the book - the emergence of new hobbies.
  • Seeing in a dream how someone crosses out number 6 means an opportunity to avoid danger.
    According to Miller's dream book, such a dream portends a serious mistake. Here are a number of additional brief interpretations of number 6 in dreams by Miller:
  • writing a 6 in a dream is a symbol of mutual love;
  • seeing number 6 – means to achieve the goal;
  • to hear a 6 in a dream – predicts having a fun party;
  • one number 6 (for men) – means problems in professional activity;
  • two sixes (for men) – are a symbol of self-doubt;
  • several sixes (for men) – symbolize deception on the part of a friend;
  • a lot of numbers 6 seen in a dream (for men) – means an unpleasant incident;
  • embroidering a six (for women) – represents the loss of trust in a relationship with a loved one;
  • to draw number 6 (for women) – predicts a pleasant conversation.

What does it mean if you dreamed about the number six, according to Freud's dream book? According to Freud, such a dream predicts the receipt of valuable information.

    The psychologist also gave other explanations for 6 in dreams depending on plot details:
  • page number 6 in a dream means participating in a financial scam;
  • house number 6 – predicts the appearance of debts;
  • six on a playing card – predicts problems during a business trip;
  • a small number 6 (for men) – means vain expectations;
  • a huge 6 (for men) – predicts an interesting acquaintance;
  • underlining the number 6 (for women) – means getting a managerial position;
  • crossing it out (for women) – means illness;
  • to pronounce 6 (for women) – predicts the appearance of an obsessive admirer.

According to Vanga, such a dream symbolizes comfort and harmony in the house. A white number 6 that appeared in your dream predicts receiving good news. A blue 6 in a dream predicts a voyage or a business trip; a green number 6 is a promise of meeting an old friend.

If you see number 6 on a car number plate, beware of a car accident. If it was seen on a receipt, this means luck in all endeavors.

Seeing number 6 on a road sign is a symbol of doubt of the correctness of your decision.

Sergii Haranenko
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